5 Reasons Books Make Great Gifts

As Christmas approaches and we all look around for presents for adults and children, why not consider buying some books? I know that I for one am always happy to receive a book as a Christmas gift and my mum commonly includes them in my festive gifts. There are many reasons books make great gifts.

When trying to come up with satisfying presents to give this festive season, books should be high on your list of exciting options. Books show thoughtfulness, understanding and kindness.

1) Books are inspiring

People are grateful to receive novels for Christmas because a lot of thought goes into selecting them. Rather than buying a random present like chocolates or drink, a book is something special.

2) They are a good use of time

Reading a book is a great use of time. Encouraging others to read well chosen books is a positive move. If a narrative is strong then the reader will get sucked in and hours will be happily spent absorbed in that story.

3) A well chosen book will satisfy

Many readers get a lot of enjoyment out of stories and so, if you know the person loves books, such a present will go down a treat.

4) Books can provide education

Providing a non-fiction text about something that you know the recipient is interested in is a good move. By feeding a fascination or giving more insight into a famous person with a biography, non-fiction works well.

5) A book is a gift that keeps on giving

Books are great gifts because, once read, you can reread them many times. Also they can be regifted later on and shared with family members. This also enables the spread of love for reading.

I hope that you agree that books make the perfect Christmas gift. Here is a previous article about some brilliant book suggestions.

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32 thoughts on “5 Reasons Books Make Great Gifts

  1. If i don’t get at least a book for Christmas, I don’t even think it’s christmas! Honestly my go to as a present and love to receive them x

  2. I would normally buy my partner a book for Christmas/birthday, but since the pandemic started they’ve stopped reading. Hopefully that’ll change when this is finally over

  3. I agree books are great gifts. I would be happy to receive books for my Christmas. Books are a great source of entertainment, education and relaxation. What’s not to love? 📚

  4. I have a huge book wishlist although it’s very long all year around as I’m always adding to it! They make the best presents xx

  5. Books make amazing presents! It’s my daughter’s birthday two days before Christmas and we’ve asked for books for her, for both. She loves toys and playing, but books can be so beneficial! She loves reading too luckily!

  6. Books are definitely a great gift idea. I think they can also become quite sentimental. Last year my partner bought me an edition of Wuthering Heights and wrote the sweetest message on the inside. It’s my favourite book on the shelf!

  7. I love getting books for Christmas! Nothing like opening up a new book and then sitting on Christmas morning getting to read for awhile!

  8. I like getting books, my only problem is I’m quite picky with what I read and I get a lot of things on the kindle so I’m often recommending what I want to read next for the gift buyer!

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