More TV Shows Worth Watching

There are always great TV shows available on demand but lately there are almost too many to pick from. Today I wanted to share a couple of series that have gained my attention and fully entertained me.

I admit that subscription packages are quite expensive but, for me, the Disney and Netflix packages are very rewarding with such variety and constant waves of new material.

Hawkeye (Disney Plus)

I only got into Marvel films and shows last year when I came across the series, ‘Wandavision’ on Disney Plus. Afterwards I found myself watching all of the Marvel movies in order and went on to see spin-off series such as Loki.

The newest season to stem from this is Hawkeye, where the well known Avengers character meets an ally in a young woman (Kate) who has a keen eye and incredible bow and arrow skills.

It is good to see Vera Formiga as the new heroine’s wealthy mum. Kate Bishop survived her house being demolished during an attack involving the Avengers and her need to protect lives on. She finds herself in a sticky situation with Hawkeye and so far, after three episodes, I have been thoroughly entertained by the storyline.

YOU (Netflix)

Now on season three, You, which was originally taken from a book, is a powerful series of twists and turns. Joe originally worked in a bookstore where he lovingly restored valuable hardbacks. At the same time he found his fascination with certain women leading him to stalk them.

YOU is dark, funny and clever all at the same time. It follows Joe from one calamity to another, as he lets his anger out and then spends lots of time covering up for his misdemeanours.

One of the weird but interesting features of this story is that Joe keeps a glass chamber under his book store which is soundproof and comes in useful when holding hostage a guy who is dating someone he obsesses over.

So whether you fancy some adventure and Avengers excitement or some gruelling but compelling thrills, these shows are well worth trying. For a previous TV review post, click here.

24 thoughts on “More TV Shows Worth Watching

  1. I am terrible at watching Television. I watch the same one or two shows because I know that I like them and can’t seem to invest my time into picking out a new one… These sounds like great suggestions though. Maybe I will get adventurous!

  2. These sound all great! I haven’t started yet Hawkeye but its on my watching list! One of my sisters is totally obsessed with YOU, maybe I should give it a chance!

  3. I love You it’s so good! I think it’s the mixture of crazy storylines and dark psychology that makes it a gripping watch. Thank you for sharing these suggestions Jamie 🙂

  4. haven’t heard of them.. but You sounds interesting. Will have to give it a whirl.. once I renew my netflix lol

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