Winter Rocks

It is widely known that I absolutely love cold weather. Global warming is making our winters much more mild, which is a shame in so many ways. I have fond memories of weeks of heavy snowy back when I was a child but these days we just get morning frosts and the occasional light covering of snow, if we are lucky. Last year, it only lasted for one day.

Snow presents imagery of lovely scenes of frozen countryside and hours of fun in the snow. For me, coming back into a warm house after spending time in the snow is very appealing. The idea of taking off the thick coat and gloves, then warming by a heater (or open fire when I was little) then having a hot drink, is wonderful and soothing. I know that snow can cause disruption but it is a natural part of our weather and climate change seems to have reduced it a lot.

Anyway, having said all of that, some people love snow and many others dislike it strongly. Here is a short poem that I wrote about why I love winter so much.

Scraping the car windows,

First thing in the morning.

Driving in the dark,

Feeling cold and yawning.

Slipping on thin ice,

Patting gloves together.

Try to keep on working,

Never mind the weather.

Holding that hot chocolate,

Steam goes up my nose,

Had to put more socks on,

To try and warm my toes.

Walking in the brisk breeze,

Knees are almost knocking,

Snow is tickling my ears,

Winter’s finally rocking.

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8 thoughts on “Winter Rocks

  1. I love winter too! Well, I love the cold and snow when I don’t have to go out and drive in it. It’s very sad what global warming is doing!

    Corinne x

  2. I am a big fan of winter. I feel like summer is overrated with it’s harsh and vicious colours and inescapable sweaty heat. I love the cold air like a kiss and promise that I am alive, I like autumn trees dressed in firebrand hues. I love being inside with comforting warming soups and stews and hands clasped around a steaming cup of something hot.

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