Disney Is Magical – But Why?

When I was little I wrote to Disney magazine and asked if I could work for them. The response was a lovely letter and some really cute Disney character transfers, which helped me get over their subtle rejection. Many years after that I am still incredibly impressed by what Disney has achieved and the fact that the company keeps reflecting and building upon what Walt originally established. In my opinion, Disney is magical and this is why..,

Imaginative teams create these lasting delights.

From animated movies to TV series and documentaries, Disney has a way of making stories that entertain while asking questions, challenging perceptions and allowing viewers a great deal of escapism. I feel as though this is turning out like an advertisement but really I wanted this article to draw attention to some small Disney Plus programmes which focus on different aspects of the Disney organisation.

The little documentaries that I enjoy most are the ‘Disney Insider’ short programmes which are roughly 20 minutes long each. They give insights into the making of new Disney projects and behind the scenes at some of the most famous attractions at the theme parks. From finding out how animations are made to learning about some of the delicacies available at Disney Land, these shows have segments about all sorts of things.

Disney owns ABC television and produces books, toys and all sorts of audio output as well as theatre shows and cruises. So there is plenty for the Insider shows to cover and I look forward to what they choose to celebrate next. Within the Disney umbrella is Pixar too and they have a similar show called ‘Inside Pixar’ which allows us inside the amazing Pixar studios and provides us with extra details about their story making and creative processes.

History of Disney

As well as these little insights, there is also a documentary about how Walt started everything off and began to put together a team to design and visualise. ‘The Imagineering story’ tells us how his visions were translated into films, theme parks and a Disney culture. A group of elite artists, called Imagineers, have been coming up with ideas and concepts that have underpinned the Disney narrative ever since Walt got them started.

To add to this, a series of programmes about how some of the best known attractions came into existence is also available on the Disney Plus platform. ‘Behind the Attractions’ is great because it takes us on the journey from inception to opening day for features such as ‘It’s a Small World’ and ‘Star Tours.’ I especially loved learning about how the hotels developed over the years and the introduction of the monorail.

This set of programmes about how the magic of Disney continues to evolve is really interesting and satisfies my need to know details. Perhaps you also believe that Disney is magical or otherwise. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. I hope that you enjoyed this post and consider following my blog for more articles about entertainment, books and the environment.

43 thoughts on “Disney Is Magical – But Why?

  1. I’m a huge Disney fan! They do everything well and their service is incomparable. Our best vacations ever were our two Disney Cruises. The entertainment and attention to every little detail is fabulous. I will never outgrow Disney!

  2. How lovely that they wrote back to you, I remember they used to have a little bit of a mini information thing on their videos, like a trailer before the film, that was interesting, I went to euro Disney with school x

  3. I absolutely love Disney so much! From the films that I was obsessed with as a kid, to the parks and the clothes, I just love everything Disney. Now I get to re-live everything again which my little girl, which is awesome. I have Disney Plus so I’ll have to check these little doco’s out, as I love watching behind the scenes stuff. Great article!

  4. We love going to Disney! I believe that they are masters of totally surrounding their guests in the magic and letting them forget about their troubles for a while. Their landscaping is so beautiful and everything is in its place on their property

  5. Disney has been in our lives for so long through the animations and movies, etc that it feels so special to me even now as an adult. I would love to visit Disney World and/or Land but it’s probably unlikely to happen (cost-wise). Disney definitely has that magic about it so I should probably watch the documentaries you mentioned!

  6. Oh, I love the sound of the documentaries! I don’t have Disney+ but I’ve been to Disney Land twice and it was amazing

  7. I am a huge fan of all Disney movies and series. I never had the chance to visit Disney land but I hope I will make it. I was not aware of this documentaries. I will check them out!

  8. Disney is such a magical place isn’t it? One of the main things on my bucket list is to visit Disney in Florida. It’s just the most amazing place no matter your age! This was really interesting to read, thank you so much for sharing Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

  9. I love Disney and have done since being a young child. I love watching the behind the scene on Disney Plus. They interest me on what things work. Thank you for sharing this post.

  10. Oh loved reading this! Huge DIsney and Pixar fan, I knew about the inside Pixar, so need to check out the Insider for Disney!! We only had a chance to visit Disneyland Paris and cant wait to visit Disney World!

  11. I love Disney! Growing up, The Little Mermaid was one of my favorite films. I remember wishing that I was a mermaid! 😂 I read up a bit about the history of Disney and how Walt Disney started, and it’s inspiring to see how it all started with one idea and grew to such a huge and popular brand! I didn’t know about the Disney Insider mini-documentaries. I’ll have to go take a look! 🙂

  12. Love this post so much, I’m 24 and love all things Disney. We have a trip planned to Florida forJune this year after being cancelled twice due to covid and I cannot wait to be back! It’s definitely a place where nothing seems impossible!

    Courtney x

  13. We love Disney and the new behind the scenes content on Disney plus is really fascinating.

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