A Few Environmental Notes

I always try and make sure that I write plenty of posts about the environment. Right now, I feel as though climate change has taken a bit of a back seat whilst crazy politics takes over the news streams. As climate problems are – in my view – the most important issues in the world currently, I think we need to ensure that we are constantly drawing attention to pollution, wastage and energy.

Energy Crisis

In the UK and globally there is an increasing lack of gas and oil supplies. This is forcing prices to go sky high and causing some people to be unable to properly heat their homes this winter. At times like these, we have to be able to see the benefits of using power sources that do not come from fossils.

My house is completely electric and I want to keep it that way. I hope that very soon all of our electricity will stem from renewable sources such as wind, solar and via hydroelectric generation. Norway has made great strides in this direction and countries with plenty of hills and coastline should easily be able to convert to one hundred percent renewable electric.

What is currently happening?

The Thwaites glacier in the Antarctic is larger than the UK and has been seen to be fracturing quite dramatically. If it melts completely it will add at least 65cm to global sea levels. Here is a link to a Guardian article about it.

Warmer winters across the globe are showing real signs of upsetting ecosystems. From Polar Bears struggling to hunt on the depleted ice sheets to less snowfall, problems are apparent all over. Reduced amounts of snow cover means less melting runoff in early spring. This can make the land dryer and more prone to forest fires over a more extended period than usual.

I have no intention of telling people what to do but I will keep the conversation moving forward. Global warming is real and impactful so we have to start making changes that will help to keep it at bay. One thing that needs dealing with urgently is our over reliance on fossil fuels. Perhaps if we sort that out, our lives will be a little easier and energy prices can come down.

The government are taking tiny steps towards sustainable living but we also need to be proactive about this. Making changes and pushing for policy making to be environmentally considerate is the way forward.

For another article about climate change and some good ideas for becoming more eco-friendly, click here. Please drop your comments underneath and let me know how global warming is affecting your part of the world.

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5 thoughts on “A Few Environmental Notes

  1. I think one of the pleasant surprises about the Covid pandemic, and then one of the greatest disappointments, was the impact on the environment during lockdown. We got quite hopeful that people would see the impact we have on the planet and make changes. But alas it was not to be.

  2. Thank you for this post. I agree, I feel like environmental concerns have been pushed back a little, particularly with COVID and the absolute mess our government is in.

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