Winter Olympics – Poem

Snowy sports are my fave,

Skiing and bobsleigh all the rave,

Backed with snow and ice and cold,

I’d love to try but I feel too old.

I like the Olympics, full of fun,

Snow boards spinning, medals won.

Figure skating like Torville and Dean,

Plenty of record breaking still to be seen.

So have a look as the skeleton zooms,

And the curling slides, thanks to frantic brooms.

Ski cross country, keep that pace,

Nothing beats a good snow-filled race.

I wrote this Olympics poem whilst watching the highlights of yesterday’s Winter Olympics in China. It is a shame that these are given less publicity than the Summer Olympics because they are often more exciting. From bobsleigh to ski jumping, these events show absolute skilfulness and bravery. These guys are athletes with stamina and commitment. I hope that the poem demonstrates my admiration for these brilliant sports personalities.

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11 thoughts on “Winter Olympics – Poem

  1. Another amazing piece. It reads beautifully! You are very talented. Thank you so much for sharing with us Xo

    Elle –

  2. Lovely poem Jamie! I couldn’t agree more. I always watch more of the winter Olympics than I do of the summer ones. I love the figure skating, bobsleigh and weirdly enough the curling is very therapeutic!

  3. As your words bring a smile to my face, I think of ice-skating and skaters and feel a marvel at how they defy the law of physics with the forces of grace, strength, beauty, and perseverance.

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