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My blog has been running properly for about nine months now and I have only ever done one blogger tag. So today, I was inspired (and tagged) by the wonderful SimplyAlexJean to try the ‘Behind the blogger’ tag.

This tag was originally created by Olivia Lucie Blake and is a great way to explore some interesting facts about the blogging community. The trouble is, I really had to scratch my head for anything remotely intriguing to talk about. Anyway, here are my four facts and I shall be tagging others at the end to join in with this tag, if they fancy.

I am a total theatre geek

Once or twice I may have mentioned my fascination with theatre but I don’t just love watching shows, I also am obsessed with knowing the intricate details about production. More than this, I absolutely love standing outside the stage door, waiting hopefully for actors’ autographs and selfies.

Although Idina Menzel never actually emerged for signings, pretty much everyone else I ever waited patiently for, did give me their squiggle. My stage door sessions have enabled me to meet the likes of: Nicole Kidman, Imelda Staunton, Jennifer Saunders, Roman Atkinson, Jim Broadbent, Samantha Spiro, Catherine Tate, Jane Horrocks and Imogen Poots.

I never knew my dad

This is a fact that doesn’t really upset me but, I like to think, it makes me who I am. My dad wanted nothing to do with my mother when he got her pregnant and was never there for me as a child. It made me much closer to my mum and grandparents as a result. Part of me wonders if I have any half-brothers and sisters but I guess I will never know. I did try dna testing to find relatives but everyone so far has shown up on my mother’s side of the family.

At school I played the cello

When we were at primary school the teachers gave us all a music test. I remember it being about rhythm and notes but had no idea at the time what it was for. It turned out that I scored the highest out of my year group and was offered free music lessons and the chance to join the local kids’ orchestra. Having a choice of violin, cello or flute, I opted for the biggest.

For the next year I found myself carrying this massive beast of an instrument on my back for my mile and a half walk to school. By the way, when I went to school, everyone walked with their friends. Nobody ever was escorted by their parents. (I think that helped make people a bit more independent)

My mum kept complaining that the cello was too noisy and I got fed up of tripping over under the weight of it. One time I fell and grazed myself all over so I decided enough was enough. I quit the cello despite being quite good at it and I honestly regret it to this day.

I’ve been an Extra

A few years ago I wanted to try going part time at work and finding time to do TV and film ‘extra’ work once in a while. It was such a fun thing to do and I am still registered with a casting agency today. The only thing that stops me doing it these days is the requirement to attend onsite covid testing a few days before each shoot.

Spending time on sets was fascinating for me. I got to pretend to be a mortuary assistant first of all in a drama called ‘White House Farm’. The thing that surprised me the most was the fact that even with such a small scene there were so many other people around the set. I remember thinking, ‘Where are all these people going to go when we start filming?’ As it happened, a lot of them simply crouched down during a ‘take.’

It was hilarious for me because I had been given some new green wellie boots which were extra squeaky. Being asked to walk back and forth in the back of shot sounded easy. In fact, everything was made quite tricky because there were so many technical people crouched down around the room. So walking in a straight line became a game of ‘avoid the crew’, coupled with ‘don’t let the wellies squeak.’

Thank you so much for reading these random facts about myself. I would now like to nominate the following bloggers to have a go at the ‘Behind the Blogger’ Tag.

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I am grateful to have been included in this tag. For more blog articles about books, entertainment and the environment, please consider following my blog.

13 thoughts on “Behind the Blogger – Tag

  1. Thanks for sharing! So interesting to read! My husband has used dna to search for his bio father. He was adopted and met his birth mother years ago…before Ancestry. She told him who his birth father was but bio dad denied it and didn’t want to meet… my husband didn’t push it. Recently his bio mom died and he did dna testing….turns out the guy she named cannot be the bio dad so now my husband is trying to identify his real bio dad. I’m sure dna is revealing lots of surprises for people! I’m sorry to hear you never knew your dad. 💔

  2. This was so great to read more about you — squeaky wellies and everything! I started learning the flute at school but never stuck with it; I can’t even remember why I was offered it, haha! Thanks for sharing this about you!

  3. Very interesting! Being an extra sounds pretty cool! Thanks for sharing these fun facts. 🙂

  4. Behind the blogger tag is an interesting concept. Maybe one day i will engage. I enjoyed reading fun facts about you. Thanks for sharing.😊

  5. Thanks for sharing Jamie! For myself, I grew up playing violin with several of my friends taking up the cello so I was always surrounded by it’s beautiful sound! It’s great that you’re taking learning more about your family into your own hands with doing some DNA tests to try to learn a bit more about your paternal side of the family!

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