Podcast – Starting Again

After experimenting with short podcasts last year, I have decided to go for it this year and start to try and build a podcast that compliments this little blog. Having already tried Youtube (which made me feel shy) I am definitely more enthusiastic about recording podcasts.

In line with the blog, I want to keep discussing books and entertainment, with regular reviews and commentary. I also want to keep being real to myself and mentioning things that matter to me. One such topic is climate change which I will drip feed into my podcast episodes when appropriate.

It is hard to establish a new podcast so I would really appreciate if you would consider giving up a minute of your time to boost my first episode. Also feel free to give me some honest feedback in the podcast comments or below this blog post. I want to learn how to make a podcast that is relatable and enjoyable. Feel free to make suggestions.

Although I don’t have much technology, I think I can get across some good messages and share some interesting reviews, starting this week with a brilliant book set in wartime Amsterdam and a TV show about a woman trying to escape from a toxic relationship. I also intend to mention some blogging tips that I have come across as I have developed my blog, hoping that some of you may find them useful.

Have a listen:

JamieAdStories – Episode 1 – Jamie-Back in the Habit

Thank you for reading this and supporting my blog. For another intriguing book review, click here. I appreciate everyone helping me to establish a podcast alongside my other writing projects.

26 thoughts on “Podcast – Starting Again

  1. Congrats! I typically listen to audiobooks over both music and podcasts now, but every once in a while I still pick them up. And my husband listens to them nonstop, so I’ll have to suggest this to him!

  2. I know what you mean about YouTube, although I think I’d be too nervous to record my voice as well, so kudos to you for starting a podcast series, and good luck!

  3. Congrats, that’s such a big step and achievement! I don’t usually listen to podcasts but a review based one seems like something I’d really enjoy, so I’ll definitely check it out later. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Congratulations 🎊 I know what you mean by YouTube. I also feel to shy to for YouTube

  5. Jamie, your voice in the podcast is so lovely. The background music compliments your voice wonderful (though it sometimes is too loud). I’ll read the Maid soon. Thank you!

  6. Congratulations! I know how hard it sometimes can be to do the first step, but I hope that with every next podcast you will get more comfortable and reach your goals! Good luck! ♥

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