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I wanted to make sure that I got an environmental post in this week as, let’s face it, climate change is not backtracking any time soon. I am a member of groups that look into global warming initiatives and have had lots of updates recently, which I hope to drip-feed into my blog in the coming months.

This rainy day in Bern, Switzerland is a vision of the future for temperate countries like the UK.

Today I want to reflect on a poem that I wrote about warmer winters. In England, the weather has – without a doubt – been changing more rapidly than before. It is almost the end of February and we have not had a single day of snow (apart from some light dusting up north). The UK average temperature in January was 4.7 degrees C, compared to 3.3 degrees C in 2021 (source –

Please remember…

This is not normal. Climate changes subtly over time but this is a marked change. Alongside increased temperatures, there have been more horrendous storms, like the one that has deprived thousands of houses of power yesterday (Storm Dudley) which is being closely followed today and tomorrow by another dramatic storm Eustace.

Quick Change

Without me being all bossy about this, let me suggest how important making a change to your lifestyle can be. Forget about plastics for one moment (as this is talked about a lot) and let’s focus on a change that will help reduce actual global warming.

Take my challenge and try and change one of these things if you can:

1) Walk to the shops or school or work once a week. It you already walk once a week, then try twice. What I am suggesting is to cut one local car journey and replace this with walking or cycling. I just walked to town this morning and it felt GOOD.

2) Take a train ride when going away. Ditch the car or plane for your next getaway. Don’t rush straight to booking a flight. Try a holiday that you can access by rail instead of burning fossil fuels so explicitly. Although trains depend on electricity, the balance of sources of that power is now tilted towards renewables (in the UK at least).

Ok. These are just suggestions for manageable changes but trying one of these out and making an effort to seek this option repeatedly will make a difference, especially as more people start to make such alterations to their lifestyles.

For additional ideas related to being more ecofriendly, check out my previous Small Ecofriendly Changes article. Thank you for reading my blog and please consider following me for future similar content.

17 thoughts on “Thought for the Day

  1. Climate change is something real.. I have noticed over the years it became warmer and warmer. We should help however we can starting from home and hopefully many start doing the same.

  2. It’s terrible how quickly the effects of climate change are being seen. Even though we’ve had snow this year in Denmark, previous winters have been particularly warm.
    You suggested great challenges to do & I’m all for walking instead of driving.

  3. The weather has changed a lot. During last summer in Greece we had two weeks with temperature above 42 °C which felt like we were in hell.
    Personally, after Covid appeared I rarely use my car. I try to go almost everywhere I need on foot. It has helped me physically and also impoved my mood.

  4. I am all for walking or cycling more! Unfortunately, many countries don’t have good transport infrastructure and often car is the only option (for example, in New Zealand trains are practically non-existent, though I would love to make more trips by train rather than car).
    But I agree that everyone should make an effort, however small – better than nothing anyway.

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