Friday Poem

At least if every day were Friday, it would be a great excuse to eat fish and chips each evening.

If every day was Friday,

Then it would be such fun,

The weekend always looming,

Our work week almost done.

If every day was Friday,

The week would never start,

No need for Monday mornings,

No two days feel apart.

If every day was Friday,

Then wouldn’t it be bad?

We’d never get to Sunday,

And it would drive us mad.

If every day was Friday,

We’d miss the feeling of midweek,

And start to resent our Fridays,

That Friday feeling would get bleak.

I woke up this morning thinking about how much I love Fridays and how crazy it would be to make every day a Friday. Sadly, I think they would soon start to feel monotonous. Instead of Thank God it’s Friday (TGIF), we would start to get those Monday morning blues every day instead, knowing that the weekend was looming but would never really arrive. My poem about Friday is tongue-in-cheek but I bet many of you can associate with these ideas.

Thanks for reading my silly Friday poem and I hope you do enjoy your weekend. Another of my poems is Warm Weather In Winter. Please consider joinging my email list and helping me to grow my little blog.

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