Building a Podcast – Early Days

I have always enjoyed trying out new things and have been wanting to start a podcast for ages. I experimented last year by recording some of my short stories using a podcast app and then trying to review some books and films. But I originally didn’t give myself enough time and life took over.

Now I am determined to have another go. This time I will slowly but surely establish a basic podcast about my thoughts on entertainment, current affairs and the environment. Hopefully I will engage some listeners and be able to discuss books and TV shows in more detail than on my blog and offer some blogging tips too.

Episode 2

This week I mention a thrilling IMDB TV/ Amazon drama based on the Alex Ryder books. I also talk about a short, but impressive, book called ‘State of the Union.’ My intention is to discuss each subject in a bitesize chunk so you can skip through to one that interests you.

If you are a new blogger then maybe my weekly tips for developing your blog will be handy. I would love for people to add comments to each episode with their own ideas about the things that I review as well as their tips for helping a blog to flourish.

Here is this week’s short podcast:

JamieAdStories Episode 2

Please check it out and drop a comment to help me get a conversation going. I appreciate anyone taking the time to help me get started. Please also consider following my blog for content about books, entertainment and the environment.

14 thoughts on “Building a Podcast – Early Days

  1. So excited for you to start your podcast! I have toyed around with the idea but have no idea where to start. Great job!!

  2. While podcasts aren’t typically what I reach for (I’m more of an audiobook gal), this definitely sounds interesting. I read the Alex Ryder books when I was younger so it’d be fun to hear the show discussed in this manner!

  3. Hi Jamie,
    Just finished listening. You have a great podcast voice, it’s soothing and interesting. I enjoyed what you shared and was able to do a little work while having you on in the background. I often listen to books or storytellers while working and you fit right in! The snippets were brief so I was able to enjoy quite a few things in a short time. I know that you’re still working things out and I look forward to listening again in the future.

  4. I wish you all the best on your return to podcasting. I couldn’t do that myself as I hate the sound of my voice when I hear a recording of it

  5. I’m looking forward to listening to your podcast! My friend and I have a podcast that we’re still figuring out and it’s on season 2! So just know there is always room for growth.

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