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Now and again I like to discuss environmental issues on my blog. When I set up the blog I intended it to review books and entertainment but I also wanted to make sure that climate change was highlighted regularly as this is super important to me. Hopefully it is a subject that is very important to everyone!

Having written about ways to be more ecofriendly and talked about why climate change is relevant and urgent, I sometimes feel the need to comment on current affairs. The news and media about climate change has increased but sometimes the content is quite peculiar.

Solar Farms

Last night on the TV news the reporter discussed a planned large-scale solar panel farm in Suffolk. My ears shot up as I thought this sounded really good. Unfortunately the local council opposed this proposal after an initial willingness to look into this project.

Some of the arguments against it were that it would change the beautiful landscape massively. The idea that something would be a blot on the landscape is weird when weighed up against the huge benefits of producing renewable energy.

It frustrates me that people just do not see how URGENT climate change is. There will have to be small disruptions to the landscape in order for positive changes to result. The outcome of having more renewable sources of energy and less pollution is ultimately a SAVED world.

This kind of ignorance highlights how difficult it is to make significant changes in order to slow down global warming. We need to embrace such changes and promote them.

Talking about the environment…

While I am here, I want to mention a blog I have followed since last May that always is packed with ecofriendly messages and ideas. Hop over to Enviroline Blog and have a look.

That is my rant over. For ecofriendly tips have a look at my Quick Eco Fixes post. Thank you for reading my blog. Please consider following it for similar future articles.

14 thoughts on “Environmental Thoughts

  1. Interesting response for sure as people look for solutions to climate change, and are shot down so quickly. We have wind farms near where I live in Canada that were very much opposed for similar reasons.

  2. We have two solar farms up the road, yet neither are to aid the local community. It’s certainly a missed opportunity as there are so many house around that could do with the extra support.

  3. I wish more people would care about the environment, seeing as we’re destroying our only home. From what I’ve seen, people are only interested in solar panels and electric cars if it can save them money – bugger the planet.

  4. It is terrible to get rid of sustainable energy projects in the name of landscape. If communities are serious about ending dependence on oil and gas based power generation and heating, they should welcome solar and wind power.

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