We need a world… poem

We need a world,

Where oil isn’t required,

No petrol is burned

And no furnaces fired.

We need a world

Where the energy is clean,

Solar and wind farms,

Are everywhere seen.

We need a world

Where we care for the wildlife

Stop the extinctions

Give forests a new life.

We need a world

Where we value each other.

Cherish our planet

For the Earth’s like our mother.

I think today’s poem speaks for itself. No matter what is going on in the world and however horrific it is, we cannot avoid the background ongoing destruction of our environment.

It is happening hourly in every nook and cranny. While we move from one crisis to another, climate change is progressing stealthily, making irreversible changes involving extinctions of species which have done nothing to deserve our neglect.

Rant over. Let’s just find ways to make real differences in the world. In amongst the dark negativity there are glimmers of hope. We can grab onto these and put our energies into growing and developing them until they overcome the dark.

If you were nudged to think about global warming during this poem then I have done my job. Another such poem is Warm Weather In Winter. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and perhaps I can persuade you to follow my blog for similar future content.

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