Friday Finally Came

We all take a deep breath when it is finally Friday. Here are my feelings about this matter.

As the weekdays drag

And work piles up high

My head is spinning

I just want to sigh.

The thing that helps me

To see it through,

Is the thought of Friday

Like a welcome home stew.

To know the weekend

Is about to begin

Makes it all feel worth it

I can’t help but grin.

So ‘Hello Friday!’

Thanks for showing up

Now instead of running dry

My life is again a half-filled cup.

Notes On The Poem

This week has been a very busy one with work starting up again after the Easter break. I have still been feeling unwell as I tried to recover from Pneumonia. I am starting to think I have long Covid as it has been one thing after another since I caught the nasty virus a month ago.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for Friday to have finally arrived. I am fairly sure I am not the only one to be glad the weekend is on the horizon. Nothing feels better than a couple of restful days catching up on TV shows, books and fresh air.

My little poem about Fridays celebrates that feeling of having worked all week and then putting your feet up. Another recent piece I wrote is this We Need A World poem which is meant to be a thought-provoking reflection.

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