Maverick: A Top Gun Review

The fighter jet scenes were really stunning.

When I was younger, the Top Gun VHS video took pride of place in the TV cabinet as my mum was a massive fan. I had seen it several times during the eighties and the song, ‘Take my breath away’ was an enormous hit in the charts. So going to see the new Maverick film, I was excited and apprehensive at the same time. After all, this film was likely to be full of nostalgia and sequels for older movies don’t always work well.

The Danger Zone

I knew there was a lot of hype related to this movie but could it still provide a thrill? Tom Cruise (Maverick Pete) had launched his career with the 1986 blockbuster which also lifted the careers of Meg Ryan, Ed Harris and Val Kilmer. How was this production, 36 years later, going to keep us on the edge of our seats? Somehow, despite the odds being stacked against it, it eclipsed expectations.

Emotional Narrative

Well the first few minutes proved that Tom still has what it takes. Without giving too much away, he had a challenge to fly incredibly fast and the cameras really made us feel part of that ground-breaking flight, holding our collective breath as he swerved and dodged. From that moment on, I knew that I was in for something really good.

The thing that surprised me was just how emotional the storyline was. Goose (Anthony Edwards of ER renown) had famously died in the first outing but this time his son, Brewster (Miles Teller), was drawn into the story, leaving Maverick feeling uncomfortable as he didn’t want life to repeat itself. Being tasked with teaching a new generation of potential Tops Guns, Maverick was given a mission deadline which was seemingly impossible to meet.

Similarly, Val Kilmer returned briefly as a poorly Iceman (with no voice due to a real life cancer operation) and Ed Harris was there as a grumpy admiral. A new edition was the wonderful Jennifer Connelly as an old flame and very likable supporter.


Without providing spoilers, all I can say is that 2 hours and 10 minutes went quickly due to the packed storyline and rollercoaster ride of thrills and emotions. I would totally recommend popping along to your local cinema and checking out Top Gun: Maverick even if you have never seen the original. It is epic!

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15 thoughts on “Maverick: A Top Gun Review

  1. I was in two minds about seeing this movie (generally not a Cruise fan but I am a fan of the OG movie) — I think I will give it a try as I have such fond memories watching the first one as a child.

  2. My mum is a huge top gun fan, I’m thinking of taking her to see it this week! I’m so pleased you shared this as I was slightly worried that 2+ hours would go slowly. Thank you so much for sharing this review with us, I’m looking forward to watching now Xo

    Elle –

  3. I haven’t seen the first one but I know some of my family have. You have written a great review. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  4. Honestly, I haven’t seen the first one. Do you think I’d still enjoy the second one?

  5. Wonderful review Jamie! I enjoy movies that are fast paced and this sounds perfect. Looking forward to going to the cinema. Thanks for the recommendation!

  6. I have never seen the first top gun I heard so many people talk about it but never got around to seeing it. I have been hearing a lot about the second movie. I totally want to see it. Do I need to see the first movie before seeing the second?

  7. I do appreciate your thoughts on this movie Jamie. Top Gun was one of my favourite movies that I would watch again and again during my teens. I can’t wait to watch it. Thank you!

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