Good Luck To You, Leo Grande- A Movie Review

Emma Thompson is one of my favourite actresses and so I was always going to see her recent film, whether it was good or not. From the trailer, ‘Good Luck To You, Leo Grande’ was a bit different from anything else I had seen her in. It was about a middle aged woman meeting a sex worker. Without doubt, I needed to write a movie review about this controversial project. Hopefully, you will make your own mind up about it and maybe you will be tempted to have a watch.


Good Luck To You, Leo Grande – Rotten Tomatoes 95%

This movie was intriguing as it looked at this particular setting from a very different perspective. Emma’s character, Nancy, had never been fulfilled in her previous relationship with her now deceased husband. This encounter was her way of ticking certain things off.

Leo Grande was a charming, smart guy who had been booked by Nancy for her entertainment in a hotel suite. When Nancy showed her nerves, he confronted her insecurities and engaged in conversations which explained more about his line of work and her low self esteem.

My Thoughts

Without giving too much away, this fascinating film was mainly a series of meetings between the two main characters. In fact, there were very few other people appearing in the movie. Nonetheless this one hour and thirty seven minute film flew by.

A mix of seriousness and humour, the script was thought-provoking and clever. It really drew attention to the fact that some women never get to experience a climax in bed and highlighted some of the less extreme elements of paid companionship. Men can be hired merely to keep someone company. An anecdote about one man paying for Leo to dress up as a cat and sit in the corner for an hour was especially eye-opening.

I totally recommend watching this movie as it is very entertaining and the brilliant script by Katy Brand is witty, intelligent and illuminating. Rotten tomatoes awarded the movie 95% and it is getting plenty of critical acclaim.

When I write a movie review I try to be open minded but I do find it hard to dislike a Thompson film. Please drop your own thoughts on this fascinating movie. For another of my reviews, check out this one of Coda which is also a fantastic film.

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