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A few years ago I wanted to see the site of Fotheringhay Castle and decided to pop into the local restaurant/ pub for dinner at the same time. I was instantly charmed by the place and have been back several times since. Here is my honest review of one of my favourite places to eat out.

I just love this cosy place to eat and chat.

This is not a sponsored post; merely a recommendation for anyone passing through Northamptonshire. It is the first time I have written about an eatery but I really do think it deserves a glowing write up.

Why Eat Here?

Why not? I was searching for the historic site of Fotheringhay Castle where Mary Queen of Scots got her head removed and Richard III was born, when I discovered this intriguing pub/ restaurant a few years ago. It has been my go-to place for birthdays and get togethers with close friends ever since.

I went last week and decided to try the tempura courgette which was really tasty and presented with butternut squash and a honey-based drizzle.

My main meal last week.

My friends had chicken supreme which they were also equally impressed with.

Chicken supreme with stuffed courgette.

One also had a fish called a Pollock, which I had never heard of but am keen to try next time.

Pollock supreme

For dessert we had such a lovely choice. I went for the strawberry soufflé which was mouth-watering and added the right finishing touches to a warm, satisfying evening.

Strawberry soufflé

My friends all opted for the sticky toffee pudding.

Sticky toffee pudding

We were lucky enough to have a chat with the chef and management team who told us that much of their ingredients came from the adjoining allotment. Elderflowers were picked from the beer garden itself.

The Falcon Inn Garden

So there is definitely an environmental aspect to the cooking that goes on here – something that makes it a winner in my eyes. I can sniff out sustainability a mile away.

My thoughts

I eat out a lot. Let’s be honest, it is one of the main pleasures in life. Whether meeting up locally or on route to somewhere else, stopping off at a lovely eatery like The Falcon Inn is a great way to combine belly filling with socialising. For more information about this wonderful Northamptonshire pub, check their Instagram page.

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13 thoughts on “Quality Rural Cuisine

  1. I love places like this and used to go to a number of places back home that have the same atmosphere/high quality food (Cornwall and London, UK) — I miss going to them! They have such a specific vibe that is so wonderful!

  2. The Food Explora in me love your food pictures. I particularly love the Pollock Supreme. From my recipe blogs, you will see that I am a lover of pollock fish. The sticky toffee pudding has me drooling. It’s awesome when restaurants use foods from their own garden in their recipes. Thanks for sharing your food travel experiences. Looking forward to your next dining adventure.

  3. Awesome food experiences. Love the presentation of the food. The pollock Supreme and sticky pudding have me drooling. Looking forward to your next dining adventure.

  4. I’d also be intrigued by Fotheringhay Castle for its history. Great food review.

  5. I should not have read this blog before lunch – my sad little sandwich now holds zero appeal!

  6. It looks like some lovely food! I haven’t eaten dinner yet and this has made me very hungry! Thank you for sharing.


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