Our Beloved Queen

Here is my tribute to Queen Elisabeth II. I hope that you enjoy my poem about ‘Our beloved queen’.

I was lucky enough to see the Queen close up when I was a teenager and was impressed by her. She has always been a shining light for our nation. Her integrity was obvious and her compassion for people and animals. Hopefully you have your own memories of her and can comment them under the poem.

It will be interesting watching the coronation of her son, Charles, as the last one was 70 years ago. The royal family represent history and tradition and are an important part of British culture. Her majesty will be sorely missed but I hope that her reign will not be forgotten.

A wondrous Queen

You’ve always been.

Such majesty

You’d always bring.

I met you once

And you shined so bright

You ruled with dignity,

Strength and plight.

So thanks for love

And leading by example

You were our monarch

Your generosity ample.

A loss we know

Your passing has brought

But we remember

The compassion you taught.

A Queen so steady

For 70 years

And now my heart

Is full of tears.

Thank you so much for reading my poem about our beloved queen. For another of my thoughtful poems, have a read of One of those days.

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