Autumn Wind – Poem

I love the change of seasons and especially the fresh air that results from windy weather in Autumn. I wrote this Autumn wind poem to represent my fondness of this time of year.

When I was young,

The wind excited me,

It blew me around

Like a branch of a tree.

As I grew up,

I found peace in the wind.

Walked in its comfort

Till its power would rescind.

Cleared my head

With the wind in my ear.

Let it blow away worries

Leaving my mind fairly clear.

Now an old friend,

The wind freshens my day.

So I embrace the Autumn

Let the cosiness stay.

I wrote this poem because the wind reminds me of growing up. I used to love nothing more than flying a kite in a breeze. Even when I didn’t have a kite of my own, my nan would help me to make one from some sticks and a plastic bag. I loved it.

The wind was always my friend and if I was getting frustrated about something, I would go for a walk. My nan used to say the wind blows the cobwebs out of your mind and I found it therapeutic to stroll down a country drove (a sort of mud track leading to farms) and let the fresh air do its business.

Thank you so much for reading my short poem about Autumn wind. For another of my poems, check out Our Beloved Queen. Follow my blog for future similar posts and articles about books, TV shows and the environment.

18 thoughts on “Autumn Wind – Poem

  1. You have written such a beautiful poem, you really captured Autumn winds. Thank you for sharing Jamie.


  2. Lovely poem, Jamie. I love the clouds and how they change colours and form. The beauty of clouds reminds me that God is an amazing artist.

  3. I too enjoyed making kites from bamboo and plastic bags. Flying them with friends was also a lot of fun. Your poem embodies the freedom that kites may have experienced as they dance in the wind.

  4. Such a nice and lovely poem, I’ve never looked at walking in the wind as something therapeutic, but I can see why many would find it so, it would also work as a distraction technique, definately food for thought. Thanks for sharing

  5. I love your poem and I loved flying a kite as a kid too. Getting fresh air is wonderful too especially when you’re stressed and worried about things.

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