Why Does Everything Happen At Once?

As much as I try to be organised, I sometimes find that things build up on top of me. This is one of those months where everything seems to be coming at me. Autumn is always busy for me but lately it feels like so many things are bringing added costs to my monthly outgoings. I find myself wondering – Why does everything happen at once? Do you identify with this issue?

First of all my car battery broke after I had got back from my wonderful holiday in summer. Luckily it didn’t cost too much but it felt like the beginning of car trouble for my trusty old vehicle.

Then I got a massive tax bill through the post which included tax owing from 2018 and 2019. None of this was my fault but was because one of my employers back then had processed my pay incorrectly. So that was £1000 I had to find quickly.

Now, to finish off a run of negative things, I woke up to discover that my water heater is broken. A cold shower alerted me to the fact that water is simply not getting hot any more. Even to get a plumber through the door I have to pay £60 and I know the bill will be large after the job is actually done. It always costs loads!

In a nutshell

So yes, they say the cost of living has gone up a lot. Now, my outgoings have risen ridiculously too. So I hope I get a few book sales and blog promotions to get me through this miserable period. Roll on Christmas…. Er maybe not… Let’s face it, that will only bring more expense. I hope that one day I will be able to stop asking – Why does everything happen at once? Instead, I’d rather say, ‘This year has been OK for once.’

4 thoughts on “Why Does Everything Happen At Once?

  1. Yep, life sometimes comes at us all at once (and not in a good way). It’s not nice when unexpected things like a tax bill, etc. turn up so I am sending vibes for a positive break from the stress!

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