Three Reasons I Love Reading

Lately I have been enjoying making more time to read fiction books. Having always loved reading books, I was finding that work was taking up too much time and I wasn’t spending enough time absorbed in a novel. Now I have made sure I read every day again and I am really happy. If you love reading, you may identify with the same reasons.

Here are three reasons why I find reading a great way to spend my time:

1) Stories are engaging

A good book can really entertain and make you think. Being gripped by a dramatic story is thrilling. If the narrative is strong then you find yourself invested in the characters and locations. It can be very therapeutic to spend time immersed in a story, engaging with its plot twists and caring about what takes place.

2) Books are good for your mental health.

Reading a book can be soothing. It helps people to relax and reduce stress levels after a busy day. With a storyline to care about, readers can find solace in a story and gain a lot of satisfaction from following characters on their journeys and adventures. Reading is a wonderful hobby that can help you to unwind.

3) Books are talking points

I love talking to my friends about books that we have both read. I have one friend who tends to read the same book as me at the same time. It is fun to share our thoughts about the narrative and discuss what we think the characters will do next.

Book clubs are also great places to chat about stories and unpick plot points together. I like to see what Booktube readers think of books, especially when I am considering buying a new book and just want to know how others felt about it.


In my view, books are very entertaining and I find reading them very relaxing. Having a good book to go home to is reassuring and I love nothing more than to make a cup of tea and read a chapter or two every day.

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20 thoughts on “Three Reasons I Love Reading

  1. This seems very similar to me, I stopped reading throughout most of university and now I’ve graduated I’ve started rediscovering reading again – actually put a post up about that the other day! I love how I can just sit anywhere and read, no need for wifi, for electricity, just sit and get taken somewhere else basically!

  2. Yay!!!!!! We both have the same reasons to read. Especially no.3. My bestie and I love geeking about books we read. Reading is such an awesome hobby. I don’t understand those who doesn’t like to read. And I believe I will never understand them.

  3. I couldn’t live without reading. I find it so strange how son just isn’t fussed while ill get through a couple of books a week

  4. I love reading. Reading is a great way to escape the world around us and jump into a fantasy world.

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