Nearly Christmas – Poem

Although winter is coming, my Christmas poem focuses on some of the environmental issues we have had to deal with. Let’s not forget them this Christmas.

It’s nearly Christmas,

So where’s the snow?

Let’s ask Santa,

He might know.

What a year

We all have had.

Hope next year’s better,

It can’t be this bad.

I want to say

We learned a lot.

But I’m not so sure,

As we soon forgot…

Forgot about…

the climate struggle.

Our busy lives

We’ve had to juggle.

Forgot that animals

Are dwindling and dying.

That floods and heat waves

Left many crying.

Forgot how vegetation

Is thinning out,

That many suffer

From devastating drought.

Yes it’s Christmas,

And that’s just great.

But please remember

What’s on everyone’s plate.

These were my brief thoughts on this year. It definitely feels like we have forgotten about climate change and its impending destruction. I hope that when people are swept away with Christmas joy, they still think about spending their time being considerate to the environment.

No need for lots of one use only packaging and endless flights. Let’s celebrate in a more humble way and enjoy each other’s company whilst recognising that we need to find ways to be more sustainable throughout every season.

Thank you so much for reading my Christmas poem.

3 thoughts on “Nearly Christmas – Poem

  1. What a great poem reminding us not to be wasteful this time of year. Some ways to be more climate friendly are to gift experience, donate any unused items and shop second hand.

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