Saving Energy – Practically

At the end of every month, the Climate Change Collective of bloggers take turns writing an article about the environment. I am passionate about blogging about climate issues and saving energy. It is important that we keep raising the issue and share advice for being ecofriendly.

What is this month’s article about?

I loved reading the latest post which is by Cristiana (@crisbranc) and welcome her to our group. The article, How you can reduce your energy consumption and save money by saving the planet, explores many useful ways to make your home more energy efficient.

My Thoughts

I am trying very hard to keep my own house warm and have chosen a house with no gas supply. Electricity, on the whole, is a cleaner form of energy. The use of solar panels, hydro-electricity generation and wind farms is increasing, after all.

For me, I am paying the price, though. The Russian War and dependency of the UK on foreign fossil fuels stifles us somewhat. This has led to inflated prices, with my own electric bill being over £300 last month.

Keeping curtains closed really does make a difference. Using a hot water bottle is also a good way of avoiding heating my bedroom, I have discovered. Clothes are better left drying in the conservatory rather than in the tumble dryer, which is expensive to run.

In A Nutshell

Cristiana has produced a detailed list post with so many helpful tips. These range from reducing the temperature you heat your water to checking your oven is properly sealed. If you can make a few changes to become more energy efficient then you can also save money.

Thank you for reading my brief notes. Please pop over to the main Climate Change Collective post and drop a supportive comment. I also have written a poem about the environment, all about the lack of Snow.

15 thoughts on “Saving Energy – Practically

  1. The price of basic living is crazy. I dread to see my rates bill this year, and even more so dread renewing my mortgage plan next year. I had a plan to have it all paid off by 45, but that’s only 15 years away….so I doubt I’m hitting that target with the increase in interest rates.

  2. It’s hard to keep things warm sometimes (and the cost to do so reasonable recently) so any little changes or habits we can implement that help are worthwhile trying out. Something as simple as closing curtains, as you mentioned, is something many of us could do. Cristiana’s post and yours were really helpful!

  3. I’ve been really big on saving energy the past few years as well, lol. I open all the windows, unplug all the unused things or things that drain energy, and even cook outside most days over a fire or grill.

  4. Hot water bottles really do wonders! When I was travelling in a place that didn’t have heat, I’d put the hot water bottle at the foot of my bed for a bit before getting in, so my feet were nice and toasty when I crawled into bed and then had the hot water bottle to heat my body.

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