A World Without Ice – Poem

On the ITV News (Wednesday) they spoke about how rapidly the ice is retreating in the Arctic Circle. A report visited Svalbard where scientists famously research climate change. He spoke about the likelihood that there will be no ice at all in the North Pole by 2040. I could not stop worrying about how impactful a world without ice will be.

As temperatures rise seven times faster in the Arctic Circle, we have a sense of urgency. It is important that we combat global warming now. If we do not, ice will melt, sea levels will rise and animals become extinct. Warm air masses will dominate. Food shortages will be rife.

Whether or not most people care about climate change, I do not know. I do think we should care. We should do far more than care. Climate change needs tackling. Now.

Rant over… Take a look at my short ‘A World Without Ice’ poem.

A world without ice

Is boring and hot.

No snowflakes are falling,

Little fun to be got.

A world without ice

Means no polar bears too.

A lack of cold habitats

No need for skidoos.

A world without ice

Is sad and injust

With tropical storms

And deserts of dust.

A world without ice

Is a miserable place

Just carbon emissions

And smog in your face

A world without ice

Is a world I’d dislike.

So get out of those planes

And start riding your bike.

Final Thoughts

These are the times when we can make the biggest difference. As voters we can lobby the government to invest in fossil-free fuels. We can choose cleaner ways to travel. Distant meetings can be replaced with Zoom ones.

I hope that my little poem makes you think. I would hate to see Arctic animals lose their homes. Similarly I would hate to see the Fenlands covered in water. So many things I worry about.

Are you worried about climate change and ice melting? What suggestions do you have to make an impact?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my environmental poem. For something less serious, have a read of my Motherland TV show review.

18 thoughts on “A World Without Ice – Poem

  1. After struggling through ice storms, snow storms, and more snow storms over the last couple of weeks, a world without ice doesn’t sound like such a bad thing. LOL Seriously though, it is scary to think about the impact of the arctic ice caps melting on our planet.

    Sadly, in North America sometimes flying is the only way to get from A to B. But, there are less impactful alternatives if you look for them. This week I had to make a work trip to Milwaukee. Instead of taking 2 flights (there is no direct flight option, no train service and it’s an 8-hour drive), I flew to Chicago and took an express bus to Milwaukee. This ended up saving me hundreds of dollars and took the same amount of time as a connecting flight. I told everyone at my meeting about it and several people said they would consider the bus option for their next trip.

  2. Not only a wonderful poem but a hard hitting one with much thought behind it. Well done!

  3. Such a powerful poem! It is so scary how the world is changing and the impact we have on the environment. Thank you for sharing and raising awareness.

    Lauren x

  4. It is scary to think about a world with ice, and your poem highlighted what that would be like “Just carbon emissions and smog in your face” We do need to do more about climate change!

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