Ecofriendly Messages From The Past

This is my link post to our April Climate Change Collective article which was expertly written by Smelly Socks and Garden Peas. Reflecting on the past and the way that our grandparents used to live really made me think about how sustainable some of their methods were.

Check out the April Climate Change Collective post here:

My Family

I am from the same region as @AndSmelly and love the ways of life that she describes. My nan always talks about keeping chickens and growing her own food and to some extent she still does. She used to grow potatoes, strawberries, onions, carrots, runner beans and until recently had asparagus growing in her garden.

Although now she has a neighbour helping her with the bit that is left, she has always loved cultivating fresh produce from that beautiful Fenland soil. Me too. Even chips taste better when they are home grown.


My grandad always said, “Clear your plate and be grateful for it.” In his household they were always struggling to feed the family and so he got used to making sure any morsel was munched. He had a lifestyle that involved shopping around, going to car boot sales and finding things to make into other things, including furniture.

My mum has now taken on this mantle and finds ways to use old materials to make new things. I need to do more of this and already repair old clothes and recycle any materials I can BUT I need to do more.

My school friend moved to Scotland and is now setting up a sustainable home farm. She was recently on a TV show because of her brilliant ideas. Here is one of her articles about repurposing and reusing:

My Thoughts

I actually learned a lot from this week’s article from @AndSmelly and hope that you will check it out. As a result of this I am going to investigate how to reuse cooking water on the garden and using one of my raised beds to grow some vegetables.

Thank you for checking out this post and looking at what the Climate Change Collective have been up to. We enjoy discussing practical ways to aid the reversal of global warming. If any fellow bloggers want to join our group please tweet us or drop a message below.

14 thoughts on “Ecofriendly Messages From The Past

  1. My mum grew up in a tiny cottage in Ireland with about 15 brothers and sisters. Nothing ever went to waste. She recently turned 90 and reuses and repurposes everything. I’m pretty sure I inherited my frugal ways from her!

  2. It’s interesting how many of the past ways are coming to the fore now – during the war years, growing your own and make do and mend was key, and there’s no reason those who can shouldn’t continue to do the same. Lovely post!

  3. This was such a great read and very informative! Small changes can definitely go a long way for sure. Thanks for sharing!

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