That Weekend Feeling

A short poem

As it is finally the weekend, I thought it would be fun to write a poem about how it makes me feel. This week has been particularly taxing and so this weekend couldn’t come quickly enough for me.

The trouble with weekends is that they go by too quickly and I spend a lot of time just getting ready for work, cleaning the house and catching up on lost sleep. I dream about the day when I can work two days a week and have a five day weekend. Maybe my blog will one day allow me to do this. I can but hope.

My Poem

You know it’s the weekend

When there is no alarm.

When you wake up whenever

And you feel very calm.

You know it’s the weekend

When you sit in your pants.

Watching Netflix TV shows,

Laughing loud at the bants.

You know it’s the weekend

When the weather turns bad.

After sunshine filled work days,

Rain and wind may seem sad.

You know it’s the weekend

When you prep for the week.

When you wash clothes and iron

Monday morning seems bleak.

In A Nutshell

Sometimes it feels like the weekend is just catching up on jobs time and preparation for the new working week time.

How do you know when it’s the weekend?

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4 thoughts on “That Weekend Feeling

  1. Last year I switched to a four day week…first step toward retirement. I love my Fridays off because it’s the day when I run my errands and catch up on jobs around the house so I can enjoy the weekends. Although I still end up doing laundry all day Saturday and Sunday, mainly because our electricity is billed based on time of use and weekends are cheaper.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Jamie.

  2. I already do a four day week and then do freelance stuff on Friday. I think you have a great time travelling and finding out about sustainability. Have a lovely weekend too.

  3. Sometimes I also feel like the weekends are just days to catch on various things, which doesn’t make the most of the time. However, I am determined to find a little bit more of that calm and intentional pace. Lovely poem!

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