My 5 Favourite Actresses

Most people know that I am a movie geek. Right from a young age I was always obsessed with films. When I took the train to University I always used to read movie magazines from cover to cover. A particular favourite of mine was Empire Magazine because it included articles about behind the scenes of movie sets and in-depth analysis of upcoming films.

Often I write movie reviews but today I wanted to share my top 5 favourite actresses. There are some actresses that I have been a fan of for many years now and their work has been consistently brilliant. Though I number the actresses, this blog post does not intend to rank them as they are all equally talented, in my view.

1) Kate Winslet

Ever since I saw her in ‘Sense and Sensibility’, I was intrigued by her ability to really mould into every character that she played. After watching her early movies, I saw her star turn as Rose in ‘Titanic’, which made her a worldwide name. She then went on to play varied and fascinating roles in ‘Enigma, Iris, Holy Smoke, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Holiday, Finding Neverland’ and so many more. With a well deserved Oscar for playing a German rail worker harbouring a guilty past in the widely acclaimed ‘The Reader’, she showed how incredibly skilful she could be, portraying that character as she went through the ageing process.

2) Cate Blanchett

From seeing her in the movie ‘Elizabeth’, about Henry VIII’s daughter, to its sequel ten years later, and with so many roles in between, Cate is someone who I followed with delight and still admire. She has earned a supporting actress Oscar for ‘The Aviator’ with Leo DiCaprio and in a leading role for Woody Allen’s ‘Blue Jasmine’. Lately she has mixed TV political dramas like ‘Mrs America’ with blockbusters such as ‘Ocean’s Eight’. In a more peculiar role, she played the iconic Galadriel in both ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’.

3) Emma Thompson

When my GCSE English teacher advised that we watched ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ with Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh, I was immediately impressed by her. A few years later, my then A-Level English teacher recommended reading ‘Sense and Sensibility’ and then checking out the movie. Not only did my appreciation of Emma grow but I was also introduced to Kate Winslet and both films included Imelda Staunton, who I mention later.

After reading her screenplay and diaries that went with the film, I absolutely loved watching Emma’s career progress. With ‘Love, Actually’, ‘Nanny McPhee’ (which she wrote the script for as well), appearances in ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’, she soon grew into a national treasure. Scoring an Oscar for screenwriting and best actress, she has become an incredible force in Hollywood, whilst retaining her down-to-Earth nature.

4) Imelda Staunton

Imelda had often cropped up in Emma Thompson films, but it was when I caught a short video of her singing in Sweeney Todd on YouTube that I decided to book tickets to see her in Gypsy. Her performance was breath-taking and I went on to see the stage show twice more. I also watched two other plays with her in and got to meet her several times.

Lately her film presence has grown still further. Having scared everyone as Umbridge in Harry Potter (a role where she played an evil headmistress who kicked Emma’s teacher character out of Hogwarts) she then played a funny and moving woman in ‘Finding Your Feet’ before being given a regal role in ‘Downton Abbey’, the movie. Now she is carrying the mantel as Queen in the final two series of ‘The Crown’.

5) Whoopi Goldberg

Having seen her standup show twice in London, I am a massive Whoopi fan. I have read her book and followed her career right since the early days of ‘Jumping Jack Flash’ and ‘The Colour Purple’.

Her Oscar for supporting actress in the brilliant ‘Ghost’ led to so many wonderful dramatic and comedy roles, including ‘Sister Act’ and it’s even better sequel. With a range of small and large acting parts as well as presenting gigs such as hosting the Oscars (three times) and America’s version of ‘Loose Women’ (called The View) she has achieved so much. She remains funny, clever and so very talented in whatever she turns her hand to.

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Short Dates – A Book Extract

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Complaint Lover


The gate banged in the distance, as the wind could be heard to whistle by, bending and distorting anything which happened to get in its way. It was very late at night and as usual I was busy replying to my endless stack of emails to do with work. In amongst them I noticed an electric bill, standing out because of its colourful logo. I marked it to be read and finished an email to my boss requesting a holiday before boiling the kettle for the fifth time and stretching my legs to avoid deep vein thrombosis. While getting up to close the curtains, I realised that I was freezing cold and so went to turn up the heating, before eventually getting around to opening that email containing my latest bill.


My blood seemed to boil instantly as I scanned my eyes over to the total cost of usage. How dare they say that I owed that much? That was insane. Either the whole town was tapped into my meter and was draining power from me, or my son was using enough electric to fuel a thousand games consoles, but I was pretty sure he only had the one. All thoughts of work emails flew out of my head and I thumped my fist against the table, knocking my cup of tea over and spilling it onto my favourite jumper.


My first instinct was to call them but I soon realised that their call centre was long closed and I would not be able to get through until the following day. I logged into their online chat instead and left a furious email, slagging them off and using colourful language that I usually only reserved for my ex-husband. The cat looked at me as if to say, ‘here she goes again,’ disapprovingly. I glared back at it and slammed the laptop closed.


Before going to bed, I turned the heating off, unplugged everything I could think of, filled up two hot water bottles (one for me and one for Kieran) and went into my bedroom to sulk. Luckily the sulk soon slipped into a deep sleep and the next thing I knew it was time for my alarm to ring. I never had been one to struggle to get some sleep, luckily.


This meant I was fresh and raring to go as I stomped downstairs. Still reeling from my discovery, I told Kieran that he would have to wear extra layers of clothing as we couldn’t afford the heating any more. He looked at me with an expression not unlike the cat’s and grunted, ‘Whatever!’ and then wandered off into the garage to get his bike and go to school.


I remembered that I was working from home this morning and so this would be a perfect opportunity to lay into that stupid electric company. Anyone that knew me at all was well aware that I blew hot and cold and this was just something you had to get used to. Maybe that was why I was so useless at keeping men. Kieran’s dad had got so fed up that he ran off with the vet. It hadn’t struck me that he had taken the cat to the vet an awful lot in the months leading up to our separation, no doubt trying to seduce her.


 My friends and colleagues also knew that I loved to complain about things. Even just last month I had gone to stay in a hotel where the curtain was coming off the rail and the workman had to be called to fix it. As a result I wrote a stinking letter of complaint which resulted in a voucher for a free night’s stay. People could call me what they liked but the fact was that when I complained, I always got my voice heard. This time would not be any different, as far as I was concerned. I was not prepared to pay such a large fee just because they said so.


My laptop fired up as I stroked the cat awkwardly, still unsure if it was able to judge me or not. It purred slightly so I guessed it must have forgiven me after all. The emails opened and the chat window refreshed. A small message asked me to get in touch at my earliest convenience as they were sure they could help me by explaining my bill to me. Feeling patronised I took ten deep breaths and then started typing into the live chat box.


Straight away it told me that a customer assistant would be dealing with me and this one began with the usual password checks and verifying my existence. After this he said that he would find it easier to discuss these issues over the phone. Quickly considering my options I decided to go with that, even though I had already logged into the website, which had felt like a massive effort in itself.


He offered to call me and when I picked up the phone I was surprised by the silkiness of his voice. It was soft, but not too soft. He sounded as though he were in his mid-twenties with a well spoken southerly accent. His name soon came up as Jenson and I thought to myself that that was a nice name, reminding me of a famous racing driver. Already I was in a less stressed state and so this conversation was going to be had without shouting and screaming. I realised that I was being charmed by a posh accent and pulled myself together, managing to find the anger again which had driven me to contacting him to start with.

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How To Keep A Blog Going

Love blogging and join a community of passionate writers.

A lot of people have spoken to me about how to sustain a blog. It can be easy to be enthusiastic for the first month or so and then let life take over. For me though, I wanted to make my blog an integral part of my life, so I had it in my mind that this was going to become embedded into my daily routine. Of course, life throws things at you from time to time, but if blogging is what you love, then time can be set aside easily.
I decided to share some ways that you can keep your blog going, even when you are rushed off your feet.

  1. Bitesize it.

    Sometimes I don’t have the time to sit down and write a blog post all at once. The way I deal with this is by doing it bit-by-bit. For example, when I wake up I often have an idea for an article and jot down the title and introduction. Then later on, when I have time for a break, I begin to write some content and look for relevant information. Producing bitesize segments of blog posts, I eventually have a publishable article by the end of the day.

  2. Have a back-up

    Because you can never tell when you are going to have an emergency to deal with, I find it useful to have a couple of evergreen articles up my sleeve ready to publish on a day when things go suddenly downhill. For example, when I am Ill, I can then publish pre-saved material which is about a subject that doesn’t depend on a particular season.

  3. Keep momentum

    Blogs grow because of consistency. There is no doubt that there will be times when ideas run dry and you may be tempted to not bother writing a new post for a day or two. The trouble is, when you start to lose momentum, you can become lazy and slow down your rate of blogging. Your blog readers are very loyal and come to expect consistency, so reducing the amount of articles you produce can result in less interest and make your blog less visible.
    There are many brilliant bloggers who produce lists if ideas for blog topics each month and they can be invaluable when it comes to sparking ideas. Producing a shorter article on a dry day can be one way to maintain interest and keep your momentum.

  4. Don’t get trapped in a niche.

    This is probably contrary to so many other blogs that you read but ultimately, if something outside of your usual niche takes your interest, then why not write about it? Now and again I drop in an article about something which is on my mind and I make no apologies for it. I respect bloggers who can divert from their niche now again and stick to things they are passionate about, rather than just try to fit a mould.

  5. Enjoy it

    You have to love what you do for it to be a beneficial process. If you find joy in blogging then go for it! Keep the pace and maintain the quality. If not, then perhaps the truth is that blogging isn’t for you. Either way, follow your heart.
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