Reading Right Now

One of my favourite things is being snuggled up with a good book (or two) and being immersed in a brilliant narrative. As Christmas approaches, I fully intend to spend some more quality time wrapped up in a throw and absorbing great stories.

It has been a while since I shared what I am currently reading and so today I decided to drop some recommendations.

As my regular blog readers will know, I usually have a YA fiction book on the go. I am currently half way Alice Oseman’s first novel, ‘Solitaire’, which is where we first meet Tori, the sister of Charlie. She goes on to show up in the Heartstopper series as a moody, but supportive sibling. The book is well organised and flows well.

I am also nearly at the end of a book called ‘Dear Nobody‘ by Bertie Doherty. This is about two teenagers who are about to go to University when their brief affair leads to a pregnancy and the birth of their child. Well written, this book is very moving and reflective.

Plenty Of Drama

Right now, I am finishing ‘Broken Light’ by Joanne Harris. I spoke about this fantastic piece of literature in my recent Read, Watch and Listen article so feel free to check out my thoughts.

As well as this, I am making my way through a Kindle book by Mel Giedroyc about a wealthy family who suddenly lose absolutely everything. ‘The Best Things’ is proving to be a satisfying and often humorous read.

Books I Am Excited About

I still have to get round to opening the newest book by Celeste Ng. ‘Our Missing Hearts’ is next on my TBR and I absolutely cannot wait to free up some time to read it.

Thank you for reading my update. What books are you currently enjoying?

Big Little Lies 3

As a massive Liane Moriarty fan, I am constantly on the lookout for TV projects that stem from her work. Originally it was the book cover of her novel, ‘Big Little Lies’ that got me interested in her writing. Seeing Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman on the front, I wanted to check out the story which was then being turned into a TV show.

What Do I Like About It?

Meeting the characters on the page and then on screen, I was hooked by the events of some Monteray Bay women who were wrapped up in a drama that could possibly incriminate them.

Madeline (Reese), Celeste (Nicole) and Jane (Shailene Woodley) led a cast which included the wonderful Laura Dern. The men in the story also had important roles, as husbands and antagonists. I remember in the first episode, one of the children getting into an altercation with Renata’s kids and that started a string of events that spun the characters into each other orbits which resulted in good and bad events.

Meryl Streep joined the cast in the second season. Although Liane Moriarty never wrote a second book, she did write a novella to provide the producers with a basis for that season. David E Kelley wrote the scripts and Nicole, Liane and Reese acted as Executive Producers.

So What Now?

Nicole has announced that the team are back together, working on a third series of Big Little Lies. I am not sure if Liane wrote a treatment this time but it is likely she is involved. It is brilliant news and quite unexpected.

It will be exciting to see what happens to the Monteray 5 next. The award winning cast and crew should be able to brighten up our lives with more drama very soon.

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Read, Watch and Listen (November)

It is time for me to share some of my recommended reading, viewing and listening again. I think I actually forgot to write a Read, Watch and Listen post in October but I may just squeeze two in this month to make up for it.

This week I wanted to share an Apple TV Plus show that is in its third season and a new, fascinating Joanne Harris book. Also, I recommend a wonderful podcast about Bees and sustainability.

Read ‘Broken Light’ by Joanne Harris

As a big fan of Joanne Harris’ writing, it will come as no surprise that I am currently immersed in her latest novel. This one is about a middle aged woman experiencing the menopause. For her, the menopause goes hand in hand with a special power.

Joanne has a way of getting inside a character’s head in a way that we end up rooting for them. Bernie Moon, when hearing about the murder of a woman in her local park, unlocks a teenage memory that awakens her ability to shine a light on male aggression.

I am a third into this book but totally fascinated, as usual. It is hard for me to go into detail without giving too much away.

Suffice to say, check out a sample for yourself and see if it takes your fancy.

Watch ‘The Morning Show’ on Apple TV Plus

I always look forward to this epic show about two TV News anchors who have experienced working with exploitative men.

Now in its third season, Alex (Jennifer Aniston) and Bradley (Reese Witherspoon) are back with more drama. Alex now has an evening hard-hitting interview show and Bradley is presenting the early evening News. Bradley’s brother has a secret which could mean trouble for her and Alex develops a fondness for the billionaire who is buying the TV network.

Brilliant TV with a gripping storyline.

Listen to the ‘Queen Bees’ podcast

I may have mentioned this one before a while ago but it is still one of my favourites. Jane Horrocks (from Absolutely Fabulous) and Ester Coles (from Enola Holmes) talk about Bees and related subjects. They often have celebrity guests or experts on sustainability and nature join then for chats.

Jane and Ester lived together when they were students and often share a giggle. They discuss all sorts but generally their podcast relates to nature and ways to garden, keep bees and look after the environment.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully these three suggestions have interested you and you may consider checking one of them out. ‘The Morning Show‘ is gritty and comes in series of ten episodes. Broken Light is currently available in Hardback and on kindle. Queen Bees podcast is easy to access on all good podcast apps.

You may also want to check out Read, Watch and Listen (September) and consider following my little blog for similar future content.