You Must Read ‘Apples Never Fall’ in 2023!

You know me. I love books. I absolutely adore reading fiction and biographies, as well as YA novellas and graphic novels. Most days I dip into several different books. There will always be a drama that I am half way through, a YA story I am enjoying and a celebrity biography. Today, I am going to focus on a book that I have truly enjoyed – ‘Apples Never Fall’.

My signed copy is a treasured possession.

A Talented Author

I was first made aware of Liane Moriarty when I saw Big Little Lies laying on a book shelf in a shop, with Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman on the cover. I went on to read the book and watch the TV show. This was thrilling and gave me a taste for Liane’s writing.

Soon after that I was hooked on ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’, ‘The Hypnotist’s Love Story’ and ‘The Last Anniversary’. Recently I lapped up ‘Three Wishes’ and finally finished ‘Apples Never Fall’.

My Review

This book is absolutely a ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ contemporary drama.

It is about an elderly couple who used to run a very successful tennis school. We start the narrative when Joy, the wife and mother of four, has disappeared suddenly. The storytelling then flicks back to months before, when a new arrival seems able to rattle the family and begin the drama.

Things I especially enjoyed about book:

– She uses the close third person to zone in on each character.

– The family dynamic is fascinating. Troy and Logan were competitive children. One grew up to be a millionaire, the other a teacher. Amy and Brooke always sought their mother’s approval and were especially jealous of the new arrival.

– The story went backwards and forwards on a well organised timeline. Sometimes a police interview would draw out an intriguing incident. Then Liane would go back three months to when that actually happened.

– An ex- student of Stan’s had become a tournament-winning tennis player. His autobiography was set to tell stories which involved Joy and Stan. This link was important throughout and left you guessing.

– The use of dialogue was really good and balanced carefully. It moved the story onwards but there was also plenty of exposition.

– The clever way that characters would be arguing and suddenly flash back to previous events or conversations. This happened so naturally and helped me understand the backstory well.

In A Nutshell

It is fair to say that I found this book incredibly entertaining. There are no negatives as far as I am concerned. The brilliantly woven scenes and fully developed, relatable characters made this satisfying to consume. Little tidbits of detail were strewn around like chicken feed. I was kept in the dark but constantly asking questions as I went further into the book.

I have enjoyed every Liane Moriarty book that I have read so far. However, this novel felt even more brilliant than the rest. Even though it is a family drama and not a thriller as such, it had plenty of twists and dilemmas. I was totally invested in the narrative right from page one.

Final Thoughts

I totally recommend checking out an extract of ‘Apples Never Fall’ and grabbing yourself a copy. It really was a great read and I cannot wait to see what the Harry Potter producer – David Heyman – does with it. He has bought the TV rights and will soon convert it into a TV series.

For a previous review of a Liane Moriarty book, check out my review of Three Wishes. Thank you for taking the time to read my book review.

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Magnifying Glasses For Reading Books

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As a book blogger, I come across a lot of people who lose their reading mojo for one reason or another. My mum was even saying to me that reading is tricky without a good lamp nearby or a sunlit window over your shoulder. However, one of the things that causes the most hurdles for us readers as we get a little bit older (I am 45 by the way) is eye strain caused by having to focus on small print. So, in this article I am going to discuss using magnifying glasses for reading books.

Things That Make Reading A Struggle

In a previous article I wrote Why is reading so important? which sums up just how valuable regular reading can be. The trouble is that some of the hurdles to reading are physical ones. For example, not being able to read the text because it is too small or blurry.

Here are a few things that make enjoying a good book harder:

– a scratched kindle reader or iPad/ phone screen

– poor print quality or crinkled pages

– insufficient lighting of the room

– time of day (some are night owls but others find it hard to stay awake and read at night)

– eye strain (sometimes because of eye condition and also because many people use visual display equipment all day so when they come to read their eyes are already tired)

– disruptive or noisy environments (either at home, work or on public transport)

A Possible Solution

If reading itself is becoming a strain and you have already checked your vision and looked into wearing glasses, then consider this. A magnifying glass for reading is the perfect solution for people with eye strain.

I have only come across these devices recently but my friend tells me they are brilliant. Instead of little circular magnifiers, as pictured below, they are large rectangular glass structures which can also have additional features.

I know this is what springs to mind when I say magnifying glasses for reading.

The magnifier linked here is an example of one which includes built in LED lights. As a result it helps with lighting the book as well as expanding the size of the visible print.

Another such example of a book magnifier is linked below. This time it is more like a traditional handheld one. It is affordable and easy to transport as it bends into a key ring holder type cover. You can use this to follow the text line for line, if you prefer.

In A Nutshell

There are many ways to deal with reading barriers. Some of them are easy changes to the environment in which you open your books. Others require making the printed text more visible. It is here that weary eyes can be defeated by using magnifying glasses. They are especially useful if you do a lot of reading at work and your eyes would benefit from a little support when reading as a hobby.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article about improving the reading process. Please share your own thoughts on this in the comments section and consider following my little blog.

My Writing – Being Watched (Extract)

This week I want to celebrate my YA novel, which I haven’t had time to publicise. It is all about two teenagers who come across a mysterious house. They keep being drawn to it and after their first visit they constantly have a feeling of ‘being watched’.


Extract from Chapter Seven

Sunday came and I went down to the Hub to meet Siobhan for lunch. She was already settled in and listening to music on her iPod when I sauntered in and plonked myself opposite her in one of the quaint wooden booths.

“Shall I order the usual?” she asked as she yanked one earphone out of her ear.

“Yes, two roasts please,” I said, noticing the waiter looming over us.

“Great! I need a feast today.”

I smiled at Siobhan and then decided to breach the subject and get it out of the way before our dinner came.

“So why have you not mentioned going into that garden again? Bonita was fuming about that.”

I could see that I had caught her by surprise. She thought for a moment and then began.

“I was going to tell you. But then I decided it was better to keep it to myself.”

“Right,” I said, “but we always tell each other everything.”

She turned red a little and looked away.

“This was different. I didn’t know anyone had seen me and I just wanted to try and forget about it,” she gulped, in much the same way as I usually would gulp.

“You know it’s no good keeping these things bottled up,” I said.

“Well I tried to ring you. You were working for your mum that night. I had just been totally freaked out by that dead bird and my mind was whirling. I found myself cleaning my bike and going for a ride. Before I knew it I was slowing down and staring at that bloody house. Something told me I needed to check it out again. I heard some noises, like feint bird noises.”

“You rang me to go with you?” I said awkwardly.

“Yes. But by this time I was already outside. I just had a strange feeling and decided to take the track by the side of the property. I thought I might get a different picture.”

“You wanted to take pictures?”

“No. You know what I mean. I wanted to see it from a different perspective. And when I got half way down the track I could hear the cawing of birds getting louder. Through the fence I spotted a little shed and just in front of it there must have been about a hundred black birds all making strange noises and pecking away at something littered across the grass.”

I could see that she was uncomfortable discussing this and she lowered her voice as the waiter was walking over.

He presented us with some piled high plates of chicken, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, green beans, parsnips and carrots. It was really smelling good and momentarily distracted us from the story but soon he was gone and we were back to chatting about it, almost under a cover of mystery, like two detectives quietly sharing information about a big operation.

“What was it then? What were they eating?” I said looking at my own food and salivating.

I just filled my mouth with lush roasted potatoes when she said, “Just lots of pieces of flesh. Pink flesh.”

I spat my food out again into the napkin. I could see that she was repulsed by the recollection.


Thank you so much for reading my story extract from my new YA book. For more information about my writing, check out myAmazon Author Page. If you like short stories, perhaps consider adding my short story collections to your kindle unlimited.

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