Birthday Thoughts

A little cake I ate today.

As it is my birthday today I wanted to share a few thoughts with my wonderful blog readers. Reflecting on this year, my blog has become an important part of my daily life and I appreciate everyone taking the time to support it.

Thank You

A big thank you for reading my articles. I originally had a blog that I used once in a while for a poem or eco-rant but I never took it seriously. Then in May I began to turn it into a working blog with regular posts about books and the environment. Occasionally I began to review TV shows and movies too.

This week I achieved 500 plus followers and this was great to discover. I feel as though people are kindly supporting my writing on a regular basis and this has been heart-warming. The 500 milestone means a lot to me and I thank you all very much.


Firstly, I have to mention that I went to see Steven Spielberg’s version of West Side Story again today and am absolutely smitten with it. Please go and support the film if you get the chance. Here is my review.

I have been waiting for my publisher to finalise my YA story about two teenagers who visit a mysterious house which changes their lives for good. To me, this is possibly the first of a couple of books starring these particular characters. Fingers crossed you will check it out when it finally gets released in spring. I will be sneaking out some extracts in the meantime to whet your interest.

So anyway, that was just a little post to say that I appreciate each and every one of you. Thanks for giving me something to celebrate on my birthday.

Covid or Climate Change?

I worry everyday that while Covid continues to be causing problems, climate change is being sidelined, almost as if it doesn’t matter. We probably have to live with Covid for ten years but the environment can’t wait that long to be saved. We need to act now!

Already the Glasgow Summit, which was only a month ago, has been forgotten about in the news and in the general media. It is a shame that at a time when we have come to demonstrate clearly how vulnerable our ecosystems are, we are getting distracted by other things.

Climate Change matters because:

– Every day pollution is growing and the atmosphere is being damaged. This will have a knock-on effect with weather systems and storms. Only last week America suffered stronger tornados, Antarctica had its hottest day on record and typhoons have destroyed homes in the Phillipines.

– Political changes could lead to funding for renewable energy and sustainable transport. Without government initiatives and support, many necessary changes to industry and transportation will be overlooked.

– The Glasgow leaders’ meeting really brought climate change to the forefront. If we can keep it in the spotlight then we can influence change more swiftly.

– Extinctions of species wait for no body. Covid or no covid, many groups of animals and plants are dying out as we speak. We have the power to slow or reverse this process of extinction.

These are my thoughts on the issues of global warming and temperature rise. I do wonder how you feel about the situation. Do you feel that climate change needs to have more awareness given to it or do you think it should sit on the back burner until Covid has died down?