Heating Up

As temperatures break records all over the globe, I thought it must be time to write a climate change poem. The News is full of stories about wildfires and extreme heat. Therefore I think this drastic heatwave should be bringing global warming to the front of our minds.

Did you notice how recently

It’s been getting rather warm?

The sun is really scorching,

The hottest kind of storm.

Greece is overheating,

Spain is drying out.

Water shortages are booming,

We are headed for a drought.

Forest fires destroying,

Everything we’ve ever built,

Even Switzerland is losing trees,

Do we feel a little guilt?

Does anyone take responsibility

For the hottest week to date?

With Death Valley reaching 55,

Is this heatwave merely fate?

We all know global warming

Sends temperatures sky high,.

So why do many people

Still climate change deny?

My Thoughts

I hope that my poem made you think about climate change. We are all well aware of the devastation caused by rising temperatures but what are our governments actually doing about it? Are there ways we can spur them along?

Thank you for taking the time to read my climate change poem.

Travel Without Pollution

It is time for the latest blog post by ‘The Climate Change Collective.’ We set up a group of bloggers who take turns writing lead articles about global warming and being ecofriendly. After each post appears, all of us keen eco bloggers add our own thoughts on the matter, whilst linking to the lead piece.

This month’s thought-provoking article is by the brilliant @MidLifeOnEarth who is considering how we can change our attitudes to travelling locally to work, school and shops.

My Thoughts

When I went to University my geography lecturer spoke about the need to replace short car journeys with walking, cycling and public transport. I feel that he was ahead of the times in 1996 as he was consulting on cycling access throughout Europe and leading initiatives for sustainable transport.

Twenty seven years later and we still haven’t made much progress in the UK. It is a struggle to cycle alongside cars on roads filled with potholes. I feel ashamed that the UK government are not prioritising walking and cycling routes as these should be priority schemes.

It will take a huge mindset shift for people to transition to making local journeys on foot or on bikes. The results of such a move would be greatly reduced danger from vehicles, due to fewer cars on the roads. Also, fitness would improve due to increased amounts of cardiovascular activity. It would be a win-win situation.

In A Nutshell

Check out the latest article about the benefits of active travel and let us know your thoughts on this important environmental matter. For my last link post, perhaps also have a look at Why Greener Spaces Matter.

Thanks for looking at my post. Please read through MidLifeOnEarth’s fascinating article and drop a comment with your own ways of reducing vehicle travel.

Are You Ready For Hot Weather?

This week they have announced that mid-July is likely to see several days of hot weather with temperatures over 40 degrees C in the UK. This is a startling piece of news which illustrates the massive impact that global warming is having on our climate. It is time for us to get ourselves ready for hot weather by planning to take reasonable precautions.

While it may be nice weather for BBQs, even they produce pollution.

In June, which has been a record breaking month, daily temperatures were about five degrees higher than previous years. Various weather experts have commented on a distinct raise in average June temperatures. ITV Weather reminded us that average June temperatures in 1940 were 14.9 degrees C. Quite a big change over the last 80 years is clearly linked to rising levels of pollution.

Be Prepared

We all have to think about ways to prepare for any forthcoming heatwave. Relatives may struggle, especially the elderly. Animals may also find it tricky to handle such extremely high temperatures. There are many things we can do to get ready for the 40 degree days though.

– We can avoid long journeys, working from home if possible.

– Ensure we have plenty of chilled drinks ready so that we can avoid dehydration,

– Wear sunscreen and cover our heads with hats or ensure we have sunshades.

– Stay out of the sun and only go out before midday and after 3pm if possible. Any time spent in direct sunlight should be kept to less than twenty minutes at a time.

Moving On…

The real headache is planning for the future. We know that temperatures will continue to increase and this curve will only be broken if we take dramatic action to reduce pollution.

Surely, with so many negative things happening, governments have received a wake up call. Huge wildfires in Canada and Australia, melting ice at the Poles, crop shortages and flooding in central Europe and Pakistan… The list goes on and on.

Final Thoughts

I really hope that we can start to take helpful steps in reducing global emissions and undoing the damage that we have done. Hopefully you are ready for hot weather. But is the world ready for a blisteringly hot future?

Have a look at my Hot Weather Poem for more on this matter. Please consider following my blog for similar future posts.