Easter Feeling

Easter weekend,

Finally here,

Warmer weather,

Full of cheer.

Get together,

Have some fun,

Eat some chocolate,


Chocolate eggs

And Easter rabbits

Hot cross buns

And Easter magic.

When I was young,

I liked Easter best.

Put my chocolate eating

To the test.

Munch through Creme eggs,

Mini eggs too.

Fill my belly,

Till I’m through.

Then wallow in

My chocolate high.

Wave my family

A fond goodbye.

Spend a week

Still feeding on choc.

Waiting for next Easter

Watching the clock.

I wrote this fun poem in response to a friend asking me how I felt about Easter. My gut instinct was that I much prefer it to Christmas. Maybe this stems from the fact that I absolutely love chocolate.

I am not fond of all of the hype that goes with Christmas but Easter is very self-contained. It comes and goes quickly and is full of chocolate. What’s not to like?

Thank you for taking the time to read my silly Easter Feeing poem. I hope that you eat lots of chocolate (possible dairy free) this weekend and for the following days. Easter is a great excuse to abandon healthy diets for a few days and treat ourselves.

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