Please Bring Snow! – A Poem

As someone who worries about global warming and its impact on our lives, I also really genuinely miss snowy weather. In my part of England, snow hasn’t settled for at least two years. It is a beautiful feature of our traditional winter season that I sorely miss.

Here is a poem about it:

Please bring snow,

A chilling shower.

I miss the sparkle

As snowflakes flower.

Send our seasons

Back to norm.

Help our climate

To conform.

Our trees and plants

Confused by needs.

Blooming early

Mis-shedding seeds.

Our skiiers miss

The snowy peaks.

Our children with

Their reddish cheeks.

Skating on rivers,

Building snowmen.

We want to do

These things again.

Blanket houses,

Streets and schools.

Follow tradition,

Keep our seasonal rules.

Please bring snow

Brilliant and bright.

I wish for snowfall

This very night.

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Changing Shopping Patterns – Being More Ecofriendly

At the beginning of a new year, now is a good time to take stock of what we have achieved and set targets for ourselves in 2023. The Climate Change Collective have been producing monthly thought-provoking articles related to global warming and becoming more ecofriendly. This time Krista and Alison from A Sustainably Simple Life have created an article about How Our Need to Shop is Ruining Our Planet.

Shopping Is A Problem

I am one of those people who is tempted by adverts to buy nice things that I don’t really need. It can be easy to get sucked into buying too much unnecessary stuff and we are all guilty of it.

Fast fashion is something that doesn’t affect me so much as I like to wear my clothes out, but many of my friends are always on the look out for new outfits, for no apparent reason. It is important that we all find ways to cut back on buying things which are realistically only going to be used a few times.

My vice has been buying gadgets and things with lots of packaging. Every time I ordered a product online I found it coming with way too much cardboard or paper waste. Similarly, every gift needed a separate gift bag or box with ribbons etc. I have had to change my ways, so much so that I no longer wrap things if they are gifts for adults.

Wrapping paper is an example of a one-use only product that mostly goes straight to landfill and uses plenty of energy in manufacture and transportation. I wrote a poem about this, called Christmas Waste to provoke readers’ thoughts.

In A Nutshell

This is a complex subject and really interesting and relevant so please check out the Climate Change Collective December Article for yourself. I hope you will comment your own thoughts on this important matter.

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Nearly Christmas

It’s nearly Christmas,

So where’s the snow?

Let’s ask Santa,

He might know.

What a year

We all have had.

Hope next year’s better,

It can’t be this bad.

I want to say

We learned a lot.

But I’m not so sure,

As we soon forgot…

Forgot about…

the climate struggle.

Our busy lives

We’ve had to juggle.

Forgot that animals

Are dwindling and dying.

That floods and heat waves

Left many crying.

Forgot how vegetation

Is thinning out,

That many suffer

From devastating drought.

Yes it’s Christmas,

And that’s just great.

But please remember

What’s on everyone’s plate.

These were my brief thoughts on this year. It definitely feels like we have forgotten about climate change and its impending destruction. I hope that when people are swept away with Christmas joy, they still think about spending their time being considerate to the environment.

No need for lots of one use only packaging and endless flights. Let’s celebrate in a more humble way and enjoy each other’s company whilst recognising that we need to find ways to be more sustainable throughout every season.