Why Am I Obsessed With Creme Brûlée?

This can probably be considered a weird article but I just had to write it. My interest in Creme Brûlée is steeped in history. So much so that I thought I would share my fascination. Especially after last night in Paris, when I had the dish pictured above.

You see, I am a sucker for sweet things. Ever since my nan laced my dummy with syrup to shut me up as a baby, I have loved sweet food.

Warning – A dummy full of syrup led to several brown teeth that had to be removed early. Yet I forgave nan as she was a perfect nan in every other aspect of nan-ness.

The Long and the Short of it.

So Creme Brûlée popped up on my radar when I was a child but was a very rare treat. Somehow I knew straight away that this delicacy was special.

Yet it wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I actually fell head over heels for the delightful dish. My uncle worked as a marketing director for a dessert company and started bringing home new puddings. Every time I went round there would be a new sugary pudding to sample.

It was when he first brought out a creme brûlée and used a flame torch thing to burn the sugar on top that I got my first realisation of adoration. I instantly knew that this was my favourite kind of dessert.

From then on, if Creme Brûlée appeared on a menu at a restaurant I was present in then I was sure to buy it. I have tasted examples of it in various places around Europe. But last night was my absolute favourite.

The contract between the hard sweet top and the soft milky bottom was precise. It sent my taste buds into a frenzy. So I celebrate you – sweet Parisian restaurant whose name I have forgotten – for giving me the BEST Creme Brûlée that I have ever enjoyed.

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Quality Rural Cuisine

A few years ago I wanted to see the site of Fotheringhay Castle and decided to pop into the local restaurant/ pub for dinner at the same time. I was instantly charmed by the place and have been back several times since. Here is my honest review of one of my favourite places to eat out for some quality rural cuisine.

I just love this cosy place to eat and chat.

This is not a sponsored post; merely a recommendation for anyone passing through Northamptonshire. It is the first time I have written about an eatery but I really do think it deserves a glowing write up.

Why Eat Here?

Why not? I was searching for the historic site of Fotheringhay Castle where Mary Queen of Scots got her head removed and Richard III was born, when I discovered this intriguing pub/ restaurant a few years ago. It has been my go-to place for birthdays and get togethers with close friends ever since.

I went last week and decided to try the tempura courgette which was really tasty and presented with butternut squash and a honey-based drizzle.

My main meal last week.

My friends had chicken supreme which they were also equally impressed with.

Chicken supreme with stuffed courgette.

One also had a fish called a Pollock, which I had never heard of but am keen to try next time.

Pollock supreme

For dessert we had such a lovely choice. I went for the strawberry soufflé which was mouth-watering and added the right finishing touches to a warm, satisfying evening.

Strawberry soufflé

My friends all opted for the sticky toffee pudding.

Sticky toffee pudding

We were lucky enough to have a chat with the chef and management team who told us that much of their ingredients came from the adjoining allotment. Elderflowers were picked from the beer garden itself.

The Falcon Inn Garden

So there is definitely an environmental aspect to the cooking that goes on here – something that makes it a winner in my eyes. I can sniff out sustainability a mile away.

My thoughts

I eat out a lot. Let’s be honest, it is one of the main pleasures in life. Whether meeting up locally or on route to somewhere else, stopping off at a lovely eatery like The Falcon Inn is a great way to combine belly filling with socialising. For more information about this wonderful Northamptonshire pub, check their Instagram page.

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The Best Afternoon Tea In Blackpool

Once again, today’s article looks at things to do in Blackpool. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the sun came out a bit and so it was an ideal time to go up the famous Blackpool Tower. It would be rude to go to the Tower and ignore the opportunity to have an afternoon tea in Blackpool at arguably the best spot – The Tower Ballroom – home of Strictly Come Dancing.

The view from the 518 ft tall tower (158m).

Before I took the lift up to the top of the tower, I had afternoon tea in the well known Blackpool Tower Ballroom. The BBC show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ comes here every Autumn for one of their special shows. The ballroom is historic and known as the HQ of dance, where national and international competitions are held.

It was lovely to take in the atmosphere of this architectural marvel whilst eating cheese, egg, cucumber or salmon sandwiches and plenty of slices of cake. These included eclairs, chocolate brownies, shortbread and Victoria sponge slices. The spread that they put on for us was mouth-watering and indulgent but absolutely hit the spot.

Couples waltzed around the hall as we ate, whilst the Wurlitzer organ pumped joyous music into the room.

A Bit Of Local History

After this we watched a 4D short film which showed the history of making this incredible tower and drew attention to other landmarks within Blackpool itself. I was pleased that they had chosen a song by Kylie Minogue to accompany this brilliant immersive movie. We were blown around, sprayed with foam and had to withstand a vibrating floor as we enjoyed it.

Overall, the day at the Blackpool Tower and ballroom was lovely, quaint and ended with beautiful views of the eventually sunny surroundings and relentless sea, which extended into the distance towards the Isle of Man.

Side note: Blackpool is a traditional seaside town in the north-west of England and was popular for shows during the Vaudeville era. Stars such as Julie Andrews started their careers performing there. It is now the most popular seaside resort in the UK.

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