6 Quick Eco Fixes

I chose a picture of Scotland as this is where COP26 took place; where urban areas and mountains are next to each other.

Now that the COP26 climate summit is over, I felt that the momentum has slowed down regarding climate change in the media. Therefore this post is a quick reminder of the simple changes you can make to help us become more sustainable and stave off global warming. These quick eco fixes can be easily integrated into your daily life and holiday routines.

1) Make an effort to walk or cycle more. Even if it is just swapping one journey a week, it will make a difference. Can you manage getting up ten minutes earlier and walking to work or school instead of getting the car out? Walking not only is good for reducing pollution, it also wakes your body up properly ready to focus on work.

2) Have a meat-free day every week. It is easy and fun to come up with or follow vegetable-centred recipes. I have recently started to have more vegetables in my main meals, choosing vegetable lasagnes and pasta dishes over my traditional chicken or bacon meals.

3) Make time for educating yourself about climate change. Check out one of the many documentaries which are informative and thought-provoking. Greta Thunberg has a few programmes on the BBC iPlayer and Netflix has ‘Our Planet’ or ‘Cowspiracy.’

4) Clean and recycle waste products. Just because your yoghurt pot is dirty, don’t pop it into your normal household waste. Rinse it and recycle it. Recycling centres often reject unclean items so a quick rinse makes a difference.

5) Plan a holiday involving rail or sea. Try and swap your next jet-set trip for one using the rail, or even using a ferry or ship. Planes are the ultimate polluters and taking time to find alternative ways to travel is really important. For me, Eurostar is the key for trips to Europe.

6) When keeping fit, avoid cars. So many people drive somewhere to go for a walk or cycle. Rather than driving to the gym or taking your pet in your car to a park, find a closer alternative. Try home workouts or walking to the gym. Go for a run around your block. It sounds silly but so many car miles are taken up getting to a leisure venue in preparation for fitness activities.

Sorry if I am sounding as though I am saying obvious things but we have to do as much as we can to make changes. Let’s face it, our governments are nodding their heads but facilitating very little actual change. If you want more thoughts about climate change, check out this blog post.

A Healthy Body – At Home

(Disclaimer – This post promotes a healthy body and contains affiliate links. If you use them to buy a product I get a small amount, at no cost to the consumer.)

Over summer I have been keeping as fit as I can whilst also juggling blogging, writing, home improvement and a holiday. Just as I have for the last year, I tend to do most of my fitness sessions at home.

Before lockdowns I was a regular spinner, usually joining a spin cycle class twice a week and often going for a jog too. During the pandemic I worked from home a bit and was reluctant to jog due to my discomfort about being out and about at a time when we knew very little about this new virus.

My solution- online classes

So I started to do online fitness sessions, initially on YouTube and then using a website which was free during lockdowns. My main focus was cardio and so I initially did a few dance and aerobic routines, which I enjoyed. I also practised using my 4kg and 8kg kettle bells. My mum bought me these a few years ago and they had mostly sat in the corner. However, once I started to swing the bells and use them for arm strength I really noticed how much they made my muscles ache and helped me to keep my belly fat down.

Here are a few things you can do with a kettle bell. I am not a qualified fitness trainer, so for detailed directions consult a professional or watch a YouTube video by a qualified trainer.

– The famous kettle bell swings (with the emphasis on moving your hips, clenching your buttocks as you swing)

– Upright rows (holding the kettle with both hands and lifting up so your elbows stick out at right angles, level with your shoulders)

– Squats (either with your legs together, shoulder width apart or in sumo squat position)

– Presses – lifting the kettle bell up and down above your chest while reclining on your back.

Kettle bells have become my favourite fitness tools and are very easy to incorporate into movements and routines. Some trainers offer free videos on their Instagrams and then have more available courses for a fee. You can learn a few simple movements and really enjoy using this equipment safely at home, so long as you keep it out of the reach of children and pets.

My two favourite kettle bells.

As a writer/ blogger I need to keep active and don’t want to have to spend ages travelling to and from gyms. Therefore home fitness has become my workout of choice. I totally recommend buying an affordable kettle bell such as the one mentioned in the link above. If you feel ready to use a slightly heavier one then the following link is for an 8kg bell. I tend to use that for double arm lifting and the smaller one for single arm work.

Thank you for reading this post which is different to my usual articles, but I believe it is useful to share and promote the ways we keep our bodies and minds healthy. After all, a healthy body improves your life generally.

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