Don’t Forget The Climate

With politics being so horrendous at the moment, I do worry that some of the BIG issues are taking a backseat. Liz Truss has stepped down and we yet again have a vacancy for a new Prime Minister. All of this squabbling is stopping us progressing with many important matters, including global warming.

Energy is widely spoken about as expensive but we need to remember that current sources of energy are largely polluting. We must ensure that our concentration turns in the direction of making us energy efficient and self-sufficient.

At the same time, high temperatures of around 18 degrees in October is definitely unusual. Daily averages used to be around 10 degrees but we are now seeing warmer, wetter days. All we see on the News is bickering. What we should be seeing on the News is discussion about how we are going to reverse global warming.

This was just a quick reminder that CLIMATE CHANGE is still happening. While leaders argue over tax for millionaires, the world is in trouble.

Polar bears and seals are losing their habitats. People in Pakistan have lost their homes in floods. Forest fires have wreaked havoc once again in America. The situation is definitely worsening.

I hope that we can soon get back to dealing with the things that really matter.

Introducing My October Sponsor

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Short of Water?

Some think that water never runs out,

They believe it is infinite and free,

They shower for ages and use it all day,

To water their flowers, to bathe and to play.

Others know water as costly,

Expensive as resources go.

They realise if they let it run and run,

Their bills will grow (and that’s no fun).

Bill payers and water wasters

Are surprised to find

That water sources

Have recently come to a grind.

Rivers are at their lowest in France,

Stopping barges – they stand no chance.

Causing problems for animals and plants,

Leading to hose pipe bans – ‘That’s just pants!’

‘How dare they restrict our water!’

They cry and scream,

They need to learn

They partly caused the dry stream.

Overuse of water is a problem itself,

Pollution and urban sprawls also help.

When will everyone finally see…

That water shortages are down to YOU and ME?