What I Am Proud Of In 2022

Antwerp – a winter break

This has been a very busy year for me as I am sure it has for you. Work has been hectic but I have managed to go from a five day week to a four day one, freeing up a little more time for writing and blogging. As well as this I have started to travel again. Here are some of my 2022 highlights.

– Being involved in the establishment of the Climate Change Collective. This group of bloggers is writing monthly posts about global warming and spreads the word about how people can become more environmentally considerate.

– Travelling around Northern Europe by train. In summer I was lucky enough to visit Amsterdam and Copenhagen. I also took day trips to Sweden and stopped off briefly in Bremen. To finish the year a wonderful visit to Antwerp was a brilliant finale.

– Releasing my YA book, ‘Being Watched.’ I loved writing this story which began life as a short story in my self published book ‘Short Dates’ back in 2018. A snippet from my YA Novel.

– Another trip that excited me was a little break in Edinburgh back at Easter. I wrote this guest post about the experience: Edinburgh – A Reader’s Dream .

– I have loved becoming a member of the wonderful blogging community. This year I have continued to expand my blog slowly and begun writing content for Medium.

– Somehow I have managed to keep up some basic fitness workouts during the year. Using the Own Your Own Goals Davina app I have kept going with aerobics, dance, combat and yoga. My personal faves are the aerobics workouts.

– I had a new kitchen installed and did more cooking than ever before.

I have achieved quite a lot this year. I am grateful to all the people I have collaborated with and appreciate all of the support I have got for the blog. My intention is to keep going with my Youtube channel next year and do plenty of travelling by train, possible starting with Basel and Geneva. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Please consider following my blog for more of the same.

TV Shows I Am Watching And Loving

This was originally posted to my Medium Blog.

As you know, I love nothing more than to sit back on the sofa and absorb a great TV series. Right now I am really enjoying three programs and wanted to share them with you. Please comment if you have heard of them or want to check them out.

Zac comes across some cute Koalas who are sadly vulnerable.

I guess you wouldn’t think of most Hollywood stars as climate change enthusiasts. Often they are known for lifestyles which celebrate excess and encourage travelling around pointlessly. However, I always knew that Zac Efron was educated and tuned in and now he has proven he has a consciousness when it comes to the planet.

Down To Earth – With Zac Efron (Netflix)

The first series was filmed before Covid lockdowns and explores different ecosystems around the world and their vulnerabilities. With his environmentally minded mate, Darin Olien, Zac has explored issues such as conservation, food and pollution.

In the new series, Zac had been stuck in Australia due to Covid restrictions and so made the most of it by investigating various ecological developments there. For example, he discussed the Aboriginal way of maintaining and respecting the wildlife and landscapes. They also saw how Tasmanian Devils are being looked after and bred successfully in a large nature reserve.

Fascinating Findings

The main reason I like this, as an environmental blogger, is that he is very honest about what he sees and his colleague, who is a Vegan and eco-expert, keeps the reporting realistic with shortcomings and all. They try to use less carbon with a hybrid vehicle this time and weigh up each relevant environmental issue carefully, in a fun and friendly way.

I have learned lots about better ways to make clean water, as exemplified in Paris, why food miles are a massive problem and how important rotational crop and livestock can be for the maintaining of soil, which locks in carbon and underpins food chains.

The White Lotus (Now TV/ Sky)

When I first watched this programme in 2021, it was all about an expensive hotel in Hawaii. A bunch of quirky guests lived out their awkward holidays totether, with dramatic and hilarious scenarios. One of the highlights was the appearance of Jennifer Coolidge who is renowned for playing Stifler’s mum in American Pie.

Well, season two sees a whole new cast arrive at a swish hotel in Sicily. Funnily, the only returning characters are Jennifer’s ‘Tanya’ and John Gries’ ‘Greg’. Their continuation in the show is the icing on the cake of what continues to be an exceptionally good drama-comedy.

Two couples are on holiday together but with some antagonism; one girlfriend seemingly jealous of the other couple’s closeness. An elderly man, his TV producer son and grandson are there together with a series of issues that are challenging and funny in equal measures.

I totally recommend watching the premier season but feel that the second one is even better.

Wednesday (Netflix)

Noticing that an Addams Family spin-off had popped up on Netflix as the number one show, I was initially worried that it may be a let down. Soon it was a no brainer that I would have to check it out and find out for myself.

I am glad that I did!

First of all, it stars Jenna Ortega who was impressive as a younger sister in YOU and appeared in the recently brilliant ‘Scream’ movie. Secondly, Christina Ricci was listed as a character (bringing that vital link to the original films in which she acted as Wednesday Addams) and Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones) plays the smiley yet stern school headmistress. The final thing that drew me in was the fact that Tim Burton had taken on the directing role.

Anyway, after some misdemeanours at her previous schools, Wednesday has been placed by her mum (Catherine Zeta-Jones) into the renowned ‘Nevermore Academy’ for outcasts, much to her disapproval. It does seem that finally Wednesday may have met her match at this college and the series watched her push her own boundaries as she tried her hardest not to become her own mother, who was a legendary Nevermore graduate.

I am well into this series but have not yet got to the end. It is amusing, freaky and very entertaining. Tim Burton has found his feet again with this popular series.

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