Nearly Christmas – Poem

Although winter is coming, my Christmas poem focuses on some of the environmental issues we have had to deal with. Let’s not forget them this Christmas.

It’s nearly Christmas,

So where’s the snow?

Let’s ask Santa,

He might know.

What a year

We all have had.

Hope next year’s better,

It can’t be this bad.

I want to say

We learned a lot.

But I’m not so sure,

As we soon forgot…

Forgot about…

the climate struggle.

Our busy lives

We’ve had to juggle.

Forgot that animals

Are dwindling and dying.

That floods and heat waves

Left many crying.

Forgot how vegetation

Is thinning out,

That many suffer

From devastating drought.

Yes it’s Christmas,

And that’s just great.

But please remember

What’s on everyone’s plate.

These were my brief thoughts on this year. It definitely feels like we have forgotten about climate change and its impending destruction. I hope that when people are swept away with Christmas joy, they still think about spending their time being considerate to the environment.

No need for lots of one use only packaging and endless flights. Let’s celebrate in a more humble way and enjoy each other’s company whilst recognising that we need to find ways to be more sustainable throughout every season.

Thank you so much for reading my Christmas poem.

Keep Going! (a poem)

I hope that you enjoy my Keep going poem which is meant to brighten up your month.

Writing poems is a great outlet for stress and I do this regularly. I also just really enjoy being creative with words. While I am far from an expert writer, I do find that creating poems helps to expand my language base and can put me in the mood to write longer fiction. Whether a poem rhymes or just spins a list of ideas into something poetic, poems are wonderful outlets for gratitude and gripes.

Rain is falling,

Work is calling.

Time is racing,

Keep your pacing.

Try not to flag,

Even when it’s a drag.

Work through the pain,

You can do this… again.

Keep to time,

Despite the grime.

Grin and bear it,

You’ll get through it.

Focus on something

That the future will bring.

Stay on track,

No need to be slack.

Keep on going,

Show no sign of slowing.

You can make it to the end

Without going round the bend.

This poem is my way of saying, ‘We can do this. We are half way to Christmas and then we can finally have a well earned rest.’ It can feel like life drags its heels at times but we simply have to push on and have our targets firmly in our heads.

Thank you for taking the time to read my poem. Please comment with how you are keeping going during this busy time. For another poem about routines have a read of One of those days and make my my smile widen.

My Squirrel

I see you Mr Squirrel,

Sitting on my fence.

A walnut in your paws,

Your innocent pretence.

I know you, Mr Squirrel,

You come by every day.

Running round my garden

It’s clear you like to play.

I spotted you, Mr Squirrel,

Running along my roof.

But now you’re annoying me

To tell you the truth.

You went and made a hole

And my loft became your house.

Built yourself a nest,

Oh I’d rather have a mouse.

I hope that you enjoyed my nature-based poem. It is based on truth. For another of my poems, be sure to read Short of water and follow my blog for future poems and articles.

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