Things That Make Me Happy – Poem

Movie nights and popcorn,

Make me feel complete.

I love watching a cheesy film,

With something nice to eat.

Being in the countryside,

Surrounded by plants and trees.

Sipping on a milkshake,

A fondue full of cheese.

Splashing in a puddle,

Laughing at my friends.

Sharing in some gossip,

Tying up loose ends.

Chewing on a donut,

While coffee is flowing free,

These are things that certainly,

Satisfy me.

Crunching through a field of snow.

Snuggled by a fire.

Playing games and music playing,

All things I desire.

Listening to podcasts,

Going for a run,

Colleagues always cheer me up,

They always make work fun.

So join me as I relish in

The people and the places.

As nothing makes me happier

Than friendly, smiling faces.

This was my short poem about things that satisfy me. Today I was thinking about how wonderful my friends and family are. It made me realise how important it is that we make an effort to look for the positives in every experience we have and celebrate the people who care about us.

Pollution – Who Cares? – Poem

View from my train.

Who cares about pollution?

It’s only mucky air.

Why bother with the clean stuff?

You cannot tell it’s there.

Why worry about those gases

That circle all around?

Doing their dirty business,

But making not a sound.

I care about pollution,

Because it’s really grim.

Changing weather systems,

And making places dim.

Let’s worry about pollution,

And call for governments to act

To change our dirty habits,

And the way the odds are stacked.

A world without pollution,

Is one with variety and glee.

So get aboard and make yourself heard,

Don’t merely ‘Wait and See’.

This is a little poem I wrote because I was thinking just how grim pollution can be. Near me we have brick works which are constantly churning out filthy gases and I can see them on my drive to work each day. I really hope we don’t forget just how drastic climate change is and how important it is that we keep it in the limelight.

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Friday Finally Came

As the weekdays drag

And work piles up high

My head is spinning

I just want to sigh.

The thing that helps me

To see it through,

Is the thought of Friday

Like a welcome home stew.

To know the weekend

Is about to begin

Makes it all feel worth it

I can’t help but grin.

So ‘Hello Friday!’

Thanks for showing up

Now instead of running dry

My life is again a half-filled cup.

Notes On The Poem

This week has been a very busy one with work starting up again after the Easter break. I have still been feeling unwell as I tried to recover from Pneumonia. I am starting to think I have long Covid as it has been one thing after another since I caught the nasty virus a month ago.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for Friday to have finally arrived. I am fairly sure I am not the only one to be glad the weekend is on the horizon. Nothing feels better than a couple of restful days catching up on TV shows, books and fresh air.

My little poem about Fridays celebrates that feeling of having worked all week and then putting your feet up. Another recent piece I wrote is this We Need A World poem which is meant to be a thought-provoking reflection.

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