AD – How ‘Influencers’ Are Making An Impact

Sponsored Post – All opinions are my own in this article where I outline the rise of influencers.

Influencers can be supported on their journey by finding relevant partnerships.

When I first heard the term ‘influencer’ I wondered whether or not it was a joke. The idea that people can change their minds about something due to a blogger’s endorsement sounded unlikely. But I now realise just how valuable influencers can be when trying to negotiate choices and find products that suit me.

The rise of influencers is a really positive thing, in my view, because it opens up careers for talented people who have a knack for making good choices and explaining the benefits and downfalls of commercial products and services. People are making meal choices, product selections and deciding which destinations to visit on holidays, largely influenced by trusted social media creators.

Shining Stars

Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is a UK lifestyle and fitness influencer that a friend told me about years ago and he came into the spotlight during the pandemic by providing daily PE lessons for children (and adults) who were learning from home. As his site covers all sorts of health related posts, he has become a much relied upon influencer and a trusted source.

Similarly Mrs Hinch, who started to share home cleaning tips, has become a massive source of inspiration, initially on Instagram and then more widely. My aunty first led me to her due to her advice on cleaning kitchen sinks and I soon discovered that lots of my friends were taking notice of her recommendations. Some of her ideas are really handy and time-saving.

Looking more internationally, a whole bunch of brilliant influencers have emerged in the lifestyle niche. You can find out more about a shining example, Mae Alexis, who created a book called, ‘28 Days of Sunshine’ as a way of promoting self-care through an attitude of loving yourself and finding positive ways to live your life. I follow quite a few bloggers and Instagram creators like Mae who promote positive living and do their best to tackle material that engages with mental health issues.

Influencing My Own Niche

When I established my blog properly, almost a year ago, I was keen to expand my reviews of books by also writing posts about other elements of lifestyle, such as health and wellbeing. I have enjoyed exploring other wonderful blogs and finding my own way into this community of bloggers who are widely respected. The whole process has been enjoyable and I feel grateful to get the chance to share my thoughts on everything from books to ecofriendly living.

Along the way I came across supportive bigger bloggers within the community of lifestyle influencers and they gave me plenty of food for thought. As a reader, you begin to trust a blogger when you read consistently high quality articles and reviews and start to try some of the products that they write about.

I have recently discovered a gut health drink which was recommended on a favourite blog of mine. It has already made me feel more energised and increased my trust for that particular blogger. Similarly, I have bought and read many books which were written about favourably by brilliant book bloggers who I follow.

Joining influencer networks was something I aspired to do but I was uncertain exactly how to do it and what was the best route. Recently I connected with Intellifluence who have a welcoming website and encourage new influencers to find their feet and go for it! Making connections with brands that are in line with your niche is a good way to integrate your website and consolidate your personal ‘influence’.

Building a brand is something we all aim to do as providers of online content. Finding the right partners and getting the most out of your niche is tricky and there are plenty of places to seek out support with this. If you are looking for more information, have a look at the Social Media Courses suggested in this useful post.

Make Your Mark!

So many people reading this will be influenced by good content creators in many different niches. But have you considered becoming an expert in your particular field?

Is there something that you feel passionate enough about to create a blog or Instagram account in that niche? Are you already creating content and wanting to expand your influence or link to relevant brands? Hopefully my article has got you thinking or even inspired you to join an influencer network too.