Friday We Love You

A short poem of appreciation


Friday we missed you,

With your familiar ways.

You’re much more exciting

Than most other days.

Friday you saved me

From a week of despair.

Of struggles and torture

And a load more grey hair.

Friday don’t leave me,

Though you’re sure to return.

Your feeling of freshness

Is one that I yearn.

Friday my favourite,

I can start to relax.

Getting ready for the weekend,

Living life to the max.


Back To Work – Poem

This is me doing a work-from-home job that I dream about.

Back to work tomorrow,

Here we go again.

A week off passed too quickly,

And I still feel the same.

Tired and exhausted,

Perhaps they overlap,

But just need another week

To sort out so much … (well you get the idea).

I spent most of this week doing work

Yet many think teachers have it easy.

I’d like to see them do my job,

And not end up confused and queasy.

At least I have Geneva soon

To keep my mind on track.

I cannot wait for Switzerland,

But sadly I’ll be right back.

Winter Isn’t Winter

My ideal winter

A mixture of colours,

With plenty of glow.

Winter is passing,

But still there’s no snow.

With later sunsets

That gently progress.

I’d hoped for a blanket

Of snowy whiteness.

As temperatures blossom

Much warmer than the norm.

I handle the weather

But long for a snow storm.

Just a sprinkling of snow

For a short day or two.

And then I’ll be happy

And let Spring shine through.