Loving Neighbours Again

My love affair with the TV show ‘Neighbours’ began in 1986. The Australian soap was light and funny and everyone watched it back then. It was the talk of my school.

As well as drawing our attention to my favourite pop star, Kylie Minogue, it has introduced many stars, including Guy Pearce, Natalie Imbruglia, Chris and Liam Hemsworth and Margot Robbie.

When it finished last year, seemingly forever, I was absolutely gutted. Check out my Everybody Needs Good Neighbours post to appreciate my feelings about this.

Luckily, when I went to the Neighbours farewell tour in Brighton, the news had already arrived that Amazon Freevee had bought Neighbours and it could then become a celebration tour instead.

It Is Back!

Since it came back in September, I have been glued to the exciting and amusing storylines. Although some characters had left, the newer ones have added even more drama. It is especially cool to see Mischa Barton from the OC in this season.

With occasional appearances by Guy Pearce and all of my favourites (Jane, Susan, Karl, Chloe etc), I am loving the four days a week format. This week we had a sequence of flashbacks, with previous cast members popping back to tell the story of what happened during the period that Neighbours was off screen.

I am loving the twists that flashback week has brought. High drama!

In A Nutshell

Normally it is hard to get into a soap opera without weeks of watching. But right now is an excellent time to try out ‘Neighbours,’ especially as it is available in the US and Canada via the Amazon platform. I know I am biased but I would urge anyone to take a look and see if they enjoy this light, easy to follow series as much as I do.

TV Shows I Laugh At

Today I wanted to share some of the TV shows that are currently making me laugh. In these difficult times, it is important to find things that can give us a giggle and allow us to unwind and forget our daily strife. These shows help me to relax and often have me snorting with laughter.

So here goes. Let’s consider a few TV series that have short episodes and humorous one liners.

Platonic (Apple TV Plus)

In this programme we find Sylvia (Rose Byrne), a mum who was once a lawyer, reconnecting with an old friend, Will (Seth Rogan). The two of them are trying to get past a rift that led to them falling out and, in doing so, become closer than ever. They end up at late night parties, supporting each others’ careers and shaking up their families and workplaces.

Rose is always hilarious and is continuing a partnership with Seth that they began in the Bad Neighbours movie. The comedy chemistry between the two of them is incredible and they both have such stage presence.

Sylvia tried to return to work as a lawyer and ends up destroying a painting of the boss. Will uses an old friend’s skills to patch up the painting, with ridiculous outcomes. Similarly, when Will, who owns a trendy bar, goes to pitch to a rich investor, Sylvia calls the guy out for misogyny and ruins the deal but strengthens their friendship.

Without describing the actual jokes, it is hard to present an idea of how funny this show is. It is all in the brilliant writing and quality comedy acting.

Frasier (Paramount TV)

Years ago, Frasier was one of the top sitcoms on US TV. I used to watch it every morning on Channel four and loved the banter between Frasier, Daphne and Niles.

Now Frasier is back and working at Harvard University, with his son living nearby and an absence of Daphne or Ros. However, Nicholas Lyndhurst (Only Fools and Horses) has been thrown into the mix as a fellow lecturer and adds his own quaint humour.

Although there are fewer women in this series than before, the new Frasier still has his charming wit and his relationship with his son is funny and sometimes awkward to watch. He tries so hard to make up for his absence as a father in previous decades. Often he tries too hard. Funnily so.

I find myself chuckling along to this series which is entertaining and still holds the characteristics of the original series. The writing is as good and the comedy timing perfect.

Final Thoughts

I would totally recommend watching either of these programmes. Frasier is released an episode at a time, one per week. Alternatively all ten episodes of Platonic are already available on Apple TV Plus. Both are well written and very funny indeed.

For some of my other recent recommendations check out Read, Watch and Listen – November and perhaps consider following my blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my TV article.

Why Are We Promoting Oil And Gas…Again?

In the King’s speech, it was this week stated that there will be more licenses available for oil and gas extraction around the UK. Whilst the King was saying these words, I bet he was disgusted with what the implications would be.

As a well known environmentalist and campaigner for sustainability, Charles must have resented promoting more oil and gas digging.

For me, it just doesn’t sit well.

I cannot get my head around the idea that we could still reach Net Zero by doing this. In my view, we should be reducing the use of fossil fuels as quickly as humanly possible.

Greener Energy

The government believes expansion of oil and gas fields will help the UK remain independent and stop our reliance on Middle Eastern and Russian fuel. This suggests they are not convinced that greener energy is achievable.

IT IS Though!

We have so much wind on these stormy islands. Our shores are surrounded by powerful waves. Hydro-electricity works well in some hilly areas and can be expanded to others.

Right now, a wave energy wall is being built across the Wash from Skegness to Hunstanton. It will help with flood protection as well as harnessing the strength of the waves.

Quick answers could include solar panels, which are currently growing up in pockets around my local area but seeing much resistance from local councils.

Let’s be honest, our island has enough potential to become totally energised by greener fuels.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, any extra oil and gas drilling means we are going in the wrong direction. We should be taxing rich companies and using that money to immediately expand solar panel fields, wind farms and start building more hydro-electric plants which could also aid the prevention of flooding.

What are your thoughts on the back-peddling regarding fossil fuels?

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