Autumn Feels – Poem

Getting cooler,

Rain and sleet,

Umbrellas open,

Soggy feet.

Conkers falling

From the trees,

Blowing on

The Autumn breeze.

Darker evenings,

Brisker walks,

Warming fires,

Ideal for cosy talks.

Autumn brings

A feeling good,

Don’t deny it,

You knew it would.

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Lazy Days – Poem

A view from the lake I always walk around.

Watching TV in the day,

Reading books and thinking,

Chilling out and making mess,

Splashing puddles, sinking.

Having not a care today,

Doing what I want,

Writing emails, catching up,

Not bothered by the font.

Receiving a letter promising a fortune,

Ripping it up with glee,

Appreciating things I found,

Momentos from my history.

Holiday photos from days gone by,

Cheering up my day,

I really needed a lazy time,

And that time is today.

October Me

Time moves on. Halloween beckons.

October me likes conkers,

The leaves turn brown and red,

October me likes duvets,

And laying longer in my bed.

October me is happiest,

When wrapped up warm and snug,

October me spend lots of time,

Avoiding all kinds of bug.

With vitamins and hot tea,

You’ll find October me.

All snug in front of TV shows,

Through October, that’s where I’ll be.

I wonder what you’re doing,

Where is October you?

I bet you love the cold as well,

A time for roasts and stew.

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