Why Is Reading Blogs Beneficial?

I almost called this article, ‘Why is reading blogs powerful?’ But I changed my mind as powerful can sometimes suggest something negative and I wanted the post to be wholly positive. However, blogs are powerful entities which can influence people markedly. I would hope that blogs have had nothing but positive influences over me and I definitely have loved reading such a variety of them, especially in the past year.

As a reader and writer I have no doubt that any kind of reading is good for you in terms of expanding your vocabulary and improving your language flexibility. Of course, there are some blogs that are slightly one-sided and these may drag you down a rabbit hole of negativity, but I avoid those.

I chose this picture merely because I wanted some Norwegian countryside in my blog. I hope to produce more travel blog posts sometime soon.

Keeping It Positive

For me, I originally started reading blogs as a result of Twitter threads for writers. So yes, I was late to the party. Until then, I had only read a few blog articles and didn’t quite understand their functions. Nowadays I read probably ten blogs a day and absolutely love them.

What Are Their Benefits Of Reading Blogs (for me)?

1) They have taught me so much about subjects that I previously knew very little about. Learning more about the environment has been eye-opening for me, as a geographer who is already very interested in this topic. Similarly, I have found out facts about health and nutrition, as well as mental health and particular industries.

2) I have begun to understand how blogging itself works. Learning from more experienced writers has been wonderful, especially knowing how they started out and what drove their blogging process. I also have enjoyed finding out about ways to improve SEO and integrate into the very friendly community of blog writers.

3) I have read such brilliant poems and short stories which I would never have otherwise come across. Some poets are very talented and their work is only available on their personal blogs.

4) Blogs often draw attention to goods. Yes, they are businesses and I embrace that. I would rather see a recommendation for a product from a blogger than just read meaningless endorsements on selling websites. We all know that product reviews can be misleading on selling sites, so blog reviews from trusted bloggers are far better.

5) My eyes have been opened to new destinations through travel blogs. Rachel Foy for example, often visits places in Britain that I never thought of visiting up until now. Confidently Kayleigh also gives me plenty of ideas, such as recently with her Salford museum post.

6) Most of all, I have loved reading book reviews and this has influenced my reading heavily. The Happy Reader (from 🇨🇦 Canada) is one such blog that has given me book suggestions to follow up with. Learning about new books is one of the major benefits of reading blogs.

Why are blogs useful?

So now hopefully you will understand why blogs have become more than just a hobby to me. Blogging is brilliant and the community is embracing. Reading blogs is beneficial in so many fabulous ways.

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