My Second Blog Birthday

I am currently on holiday but thought I should acknowledge a milestone for my little blog. It is now two years since I started blogging properly. When I get my teeth into something, I generally stick at it for a while but doing this for two years was totally unexpected. My blog birthday is here and I am grateful to all the wonderful readers and contributors who have helped me get this far.

Looking Back

Although I had a free WordPress blog for a while, I rarely used it. Once in a while I would write a book review or poem but it was very much a hobby.

Then, at the end of May 2022, I made a decision to blog regularly and establish a site that celebrated the things that I enjoy. In doing so, I became a part of the brilliant blogging community. As a result, I have made some blogger buddies and appreciated making valued connections and friendships.

Things I Have Achieved

At the time of writing, I now have 983 followers, written 671 posts and welcomed many wonderful guest posts.

I have also joined an incredible group of bloggers called ‘The Climate Change Collective’ where we celebrate environmental initiatives. Each month we take turns to write posts, including recent research and practical methods to help fight global warming.

Here is our May article for you to have a look at:

Thank you so much for supporting my blog and taking time to respond to my articles with comments. I really appreciate the love my blog has felt and look forward to another year of producing lifestyle articles. If you haven’t already followed the blog, please consider it.

On it’s second blog birthday, I think I will have to raise a glass in appreciation for the blogging community.

My Happy Blogversary

Did you know that I properly started blogging this time last May? I cannot get my head around that. Time has flown by and I feel so embedded in the blogging world that it is hard to imagine life without it.

So today I want to celebrate the fact that this little blog is still standing after 52 weeks and to thank all of you for taking the time to read some of my articles and rants. In this post I want to reflect briefly on my blogging journey up to now.

Lessons I have learned

After spending one whole year writing 3-5 blog posts a week, I have learned lots about how to write blog content. The wonderful community of bloggers who inspired me to get writing have made me feel very welcome as part of the blogging world.

I have written about books, movies and TV shows as well as poems. Also I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and starting conversations about the environment, which I am incredibly passionate about.

As time went on I started writing about the blogging process, stress, working from home and side hustles. For me, I have a variety of interests and love discussing all of these within my blog.

Things I love about blogging:

– People write such thoughtful comments and really engage with my writing.

– Writing guess posts on other brilliant blogs is really fulfilling.

– I have enjoyed reading other blogs, such as The Grumpy Olive, Sarah Collins Bookworm, Unwanted Life, Eri- Weird Lifestyle, Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader), Middle Age Fanclub, Claire Mac, Wool of the King, Jenny in Neverland, Transatlantic Notes, NotSoModernGirl, Fadima Mooneira, Rachel Foy, Smelly Socks and Garden Peas, Smorgasbord, Simply Alex Jean, Reading Ladies, Tales of Belle, Lynn Mumbing Mejia, Merry of August, Headphones Thoughts, Her Digital Coffee, Sincerely Essie, Mums Conquering Anxiety, Vanessa The Wellbeing Blogger, Confidently Kayleigh, Rachel’s Thoughts, Bournemouth Girl, That Happy Reader, Ellie Grace Deveson, Andrew McDowell, Ali Duke and just so many more wonderful blogs.

– It makes me a few pounds and counts as one of my side hustles.

– Sharing my work gives me such a happy feeling.

I also want to thank the 738 people who have decided to subscribe to my blog. I appreciate every single read, like and comment.

Thank you all so much for making me feel welcome and giving my little blog a chance.

Birthday Thoughts

A little cake I ate today.

As it is my birthday today I wanted to share a few thoughts with my wonderful blog readers. Reflecting on this year, my blog has become an important part of my daily life and I appreciate everyone taking the time to support it.

Thank You

A big thank you for reading my articles. I originally had a blog that I used once in a while for a poem or eco-rant but I never took it seriously. Then in May I began to turn it into a working blog with regular posts about books and the environment. Occasionally I began to review TV shows and movies too.

This week I achieved 500 plus followers and this was great to discover. I feel as though people are kindly supporting my writing on a regular basis and this has been heart-warming. The 500 milestone means a lot to me and I thank you all very much.


Firstly, I have to mention that I went to see Steven Spielberg’s version of West Side Story again today and am absolutely smitten with it. Please go and support the film if you get the chance. Here is my review.

I have been waiting for my publisher to finalise my YA story about two teenagers who visit a mysterious house which changes their lives for good. To me, this is possibly the first of a couple of books starring these particular characters. Fingers crossed you will check it out when it finally gets released in spring. I will be sneaking out some extracts in the meantime to whet your interest.

So anyway, that was just a little post to say that I appreciate each and every one of you. Thanks for giving me something to celebrate on my birthday.