Sunday Let Me Rest

A Short Poem

Three weeks ago I enjoyed a Sunday in Geneva

Sunday comes but once a week

And usually I am knackered.

I love to chill and catch my breath

‘Cos I am just cream crackered.

I try to rest and lay around

Reading books and blogs and thinking.

But then emails from work pop up

And soon I’m slowly sinking.

I’m lucky if I get stuff done

Like hoovering and dusting,

Some exercise and stretches too

Prevent my knees from rusting.

No matter how much I ignore

Old Monday grimly twerking

I cannot simply blank it out

So spend my evening working.


Hopefully you enjoyed my poem about Sundays and how Monday looms over me all day.

For another recent poem of mine, check out my Easter Poem and perhaps leave a comment here.

Easter Poem

Easter is here

Children delight

In chocolate eggs hidden

Just out of sight.

Spring is a springing,

The clocks have now changed.

Hot cross buns sitting waiting

Butter, jam – all arranged.

Bunnies are jumping

While egg hunts take place.

Finding the most eggs

Is a greedy old chase.

But does anyone remember

Why Easter even takes place?

Don’t ask me, I’m busy

Stuffing my face.

The origin of Easter

Is often forgot.

Just so long as we’ve chocolate,

We’ll gobble the lot.


Often when I ask students about the meaning of Easter, they get sidetracked with the commercial bits. Instead of Jesus and resurrection, they enthuse about chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and Easter bunnies.

Thank you for taking the time to read my silly Easter poem. Please consider checking out another recent poem about Friday.

PS – And yes I used the same rhyme twice, for effect.

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