Three Wishes – Book Review

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Happy Easter everyone! As we all crack open the Easter eggs and spend time thinking about our history, let’s make the most of the tradition and rest up, ready for a busy summer ahead. I am not especially religious but Easter represents new life and symbolises how everything starts to become green again, during the Spring.

What better time to read some books? I love nothing more than putting my feet up in a quiet room, flicking through the pages of a good quality novel. For those of you who are new to my blog, you may not realise that I read mainly contemporary dramas and YA fiction, as well as a sprinkling of biographies.

Three Wishes

Although I am a massive fan of Liane Moriarty, I am never surprised when an author writes a book that doesn’t quite meet up to their usual standards. ‘Three Wishes’ is definitely not a book that lowers expectations. With Liane, I am yet to come across any that are sub-standard. For a previous review of one of her masterpieces, check out Bewitching Books which also includes a classic by my other favourite writer, Joanne Harris.


Three wishes is all about three triplets who are in their thirties, living in Australia, going through the usual challenges of modern living. Their parents split up when they were young, but are still a big part of their lives. Two sisters, Lyn and Cat, are identical, while Gemma isn’t. What I love about Liane’s books is that they are grounded in normality, exploring family life in forensic detail.

Liane usually writes in the ‘close third person’ which means that each chapter focuses on a particular character and examines their thoughts, but remains written from a third person angle. We follow each sister as they deal with issues relating to mental health, motherhood, dating and marital upheaval.

Cat , for instance, is keen to have a baby with her husband, Dan. Her career is soaring and she envies Lyn, who balances having a toddler and teenage step daughter effortlessly. Lyn, meanwhile, is having anxiety issues related to car parks. Both sisters have used their identical features to their advantage in the past. They recall a time when one pretended to be the other on a date, for example.

Gemma is used to dating and being happy in short term relationships, which she is always ready to terminate. Being engaged to a guy who suddenly died in an accident, everyone feels sorry for her, but she harbours some resentment for her apparently romantic ex.

A celebration at a suave restaurant for their 34th birthdays turns into a battleground when the sisters finally let loose some revelations that upset the rest of the family. Some things just have to be said, but these women bottle stuff up and let it all out in one explosive evening.


I love this wonderfully told story, which is no thriller but is definitely compelling, with moments of humour along the way. Liane is very good at making sharp observations about modern life and her playfulness is really amusing. If you have never read a Moriarty book before (Why ever not?) then why not start with this one?

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Easter Feeling

Easter weekend,

Finally here,

Warmer weather,

Full of cheer.

Get together,

Have some fun,

Eat some chocolate,


Chocolate eggs

And Easter rabbits

Hot cross buns

And Easter magic.

When I was young,

I liked Easter best.

Put my chocolate eating

To the test.

Munch through Creme eggs,

Mini eggs too.

Fill my belly,

Till I’m through.

Then wallow in

My chocolate high.

Wave my family

A fond goodbye.

Spend a week

Still feeding on choc.

Waiting for next Easter

Watching the clock.

I wrote this fun poem in response to a friend asking me how I felt about Easter. My gut instinct was that I much prefer it to Christmas. Maybe this stems from the fact that I absolutely love chocolate.

I am not fond of all of the hype that goes with Christmas but Easter is very self-contained. It comes and goes quickly and is full of chocolate. What’s not to like?

Thank you for taking the time to read my silly Easter Feeing poem. I hope that you eat lots of chocolate (possible dairy free) this weekend and for the following days. Easter is a great excuse to abandon healthy diets for a few days and treat ourselves.

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How to Blog – Consistency

Every couple of months I have been writing my thoughts about the blogging process. As a blogger who formally started blogging last June, I have learned so much already from my own mistakes and from the advice I have gleamed from others in the blogging community.

The last article I wrote about this was How to Blog – Progress and I enjoyed reading the feedback. There are thousands of us who are working hard to create blogs and maintain them but we could all benefit from sharing our experiences and pointing out aspects that we have improved or become more competent with.

Consistency is the Key

I know it may sound fairly obvious to some of you but it is something that I have learned the hard way – consistency definitely matters. Blogging regularly and keeping to a schedule of some kind really is important if you want to become serious about building up a blog.

When I was a bit overloaded by projects for my main job, I allowed blogging to take a back seat and this resulted in my viewing figures dropping. Understandably, people start to forget about your blog if you don’t regularly put content in front of them.

That is why consistently putting out blog posts is crucial for us bloggers. If you can manage two posts a week then great. If you do a post every three days, great. But try not to be erratic. A full on daily bout during blogtober followed by one post a fortnight will confuse readers and not encourage followers to stick around.

Tips for being consistent

Here are some of the ways that you can ensure that your blog is regularly putting out content:

– Have a blogging schedule. Some bloggers put out a regular post every Friday for example while others produce funny cartoons every Monday… Whatever it is that you do, keep doing it and remember that your readers will be looking out for that familiar (niche) content.

– Make sure the content you do produce is top quality. Whatever you do, don’t be sloppy and bang out any old article just to fill space. We all have days when we put out lazy articles but try not to have that as a go-to habit.

– Open up to guest bloggers regularly. Members of the blogging community always want to share the love and one of the nicest things to do is to cross-pollinate on each others’ websites. Not only is it a great way to widen readerships but it also makes backlinks that can increase a blog’s DA.

– Have a few evergreen blog posts written ready in your drafts folder. These will be ready to put out during a busy period or when you are unwell.

– Plan ahead. I know some bloggers spend a whole day getting their posts ready for the coming week. I rarely do this but can see how useful it might be to those with a busy workload or parenting commitments.

Bitesize Content

For me personally, rather than spending lots of time in one chunk creating blog articles, I tend to do little bits here and there. I often think of an idea while at work and generate a title and introduction paragraph during my break. Then later on in the evening I start piecing together the rest of an article.

Also, I complete those important jobs such as promotion, SEO, responding to comments and research at different times throughout the day. For instance, when I wake up I pop my last post onto some twitter threads. Later on I find time to comment on other blogs and reply to comments on my recent posts.

Moving On

Hopefully you will agree that producing regular content is a way to sustain a readership and enable a blog to have firm foundations. By having a schedule or making bitesize time slots for writing content can help to maintain the consistency that bloggers require.

Thank you for reading my article about how to blog consistently. It is great to see many new bloggers emerging in 2022 and I hope that my general advice is helpful. Please comment your own thoughts on this topic. If you enjoyed my post perhaps consider following my blog for similar future posts.