My Happy Blogversary

Did you know that I properly started blogging this time last May? I cannot get my head around that. Time has flown by and I feel so embedded in the blogging world that it is hard to imagine life without it.

So today I want to celebrate the fact that this little blog is still standing after 52 weeks and to thank all of you for taking the time to read some of my articles and rants. In this post I want to reflect briefly on my blogging journey up to now.

Lessons I have learned

After spending one whole year writing 3-5 blog posts a week, I have learned lots about how to write blog content. The wonderful community of bloggers who inspired me to get writing have made me feel very welcome as part of the blogging world.

I have written about books, movies and TV shows as well as poems. Also I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and starting conversations about the environment, which I am incredibly passionate about.

As time went on I started writing about the blogging process, stress, working from home and side hustles. For me, I have a variety of interests and love discussing all of these within my blog.

Things I love about blogging:

– People write such thoughtful comments and really engage with my writing.

– Writing guess posts on other brilliant blogs is really fulfilling.

– I have enjoyed reading other blogs, such as The Grumpy Olive, Sarah Collins Bookworm, Unwanted Life, Eri- Weird Lifestyle, Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader), Middle Age Fanclub, Claire Mac, Wool of the King, Jenny in Neverland, Transatlantic Notes, NotSoModernGirl, Fadima Mooneira, Rachel Foy, Smelly Socks and Garden Peas, Smorgasbord, Simply Alex Jean, Reading Ladies, Tales of Belle, Lynn Mumbing Mejia, Merry of August, Headphones Thoughts, Her Digital Coffee, Sincerely Essie, Mums Conquering Anxiety, Vanessa The Wellbeing Blogger, Confidently Kayleigh, Rachel’s Thoughts, Bournemouth Girl, That Happy Reader, Ellie Grace Deveson, Andrew McDowell, Ali Duke and just so many more wonderful blogs.

– It makes me a few pounds and counts as one of my side hustles.

– Sharing my work gives me such a happy feeling.

I also want to thank the 738 people who have decided to subscribe to my blog. I appreciate every single read, like and comment.

Thank you all so much for making me feel welcome and giving my little blog a chance.

I Remember When…

At work today we were being a little bit nostalgic. I was at primary school in the 1980s and have fond memories of the 1990s as a teenager. There are so many things that have changed since then so I thought it would be fun to remember how life used to be.

Do you remember when…?

– Telephones had dials on them and were plugged into actual sockets. When you picked them up you had to check that there was a dialling tone before you started to ring a number.

– Cars had chokes on them. They were little buttons that you pulled out to encourage the engine to start. I recall my mum struggling to start her car and having to tug on the choke several times before the engine would eventually stir.

– Duffel coats were all the rage. Back when the weather was properly cold, we used to all be snuggled inside these cosy but rather awkward coats which were padded and bulky.

– Trying to get the fire started in the morning. My nan used to get up early and stuff newspaper and kindling into the fireplace, then use fire starters and matches to try and get the coal fire burning.

– If you said you were going to be somewhere at a certain time, you had to keep to it. After all there was no way of letting someone know that you were going to be late. You just had to be on time.

– Record players were all the rage. I remember being so delicate with vinyl because I was really worried that I might scratch one. Often the record player would bounce and the needle would jump and scratch the record, meaning part of the song would always be spoilt at that same place. Many of my favourite songs were ruined this way.

– The chimney needed sweeping. Although there were chimney sweeps in my village, my grandad used to do it himself. He would cover the fireplace in a special sheet and shove a sweeper up the chimney, adding pole after pole, until the brush reached the top.

– Computer games just didn’t exist. When I was very young we had to entertain ourselves by making toys such as bows and arrows out of branches and string.

These are just a few of the things I recall about the eighties and nineties. They were wonderful decades and I often think that life was much simpler then and we were more creative as children than we might have been if surrounded by technology.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. I look forward to seeing your comments about this below. Also, if you enjoyed the article, perhaps consider following my blog for similar future content.