Could Your Life Be A TV Series?

Sometimes I daydream about all sorts of things. When I say sometimes, I mean nearly all of the time. You may remember that recently I wrote an article about having a soundtrack for your life. That was one example of what I often think about, especially when I daydream.

Here it is, if you missed it the first time.

Anyway, the other day I was imagining that my life was a TV series. I actually had ‘Succession’ in mind originally but then I drifted off into other possibilities.

Have you ever imagined your life as a TV series or movie?

TV Shows That Remind Me Of Me

Now, it may seem unlikely but I was watching the new ‘Sex and the City’ spinoff – ‘And Just Like That’ last night and thinking about how some of their midlife dilemmas resonate with 45-year-old me.

Even though they are seriously rich and I am not, I get how they feel about certain situations. Carrie is learning to not cling to the past and to move forward. I have recently made many changes to my home and decluttered a lot of things that contain important memories. And just like her, I felt a need to freshen things up.

Going back to Succession, I don’t have any siblings but have witnessed some very messy family fallouts, been involved in awkward relationships, and lost a lot of money in an online gambling binge in my twenties.

I chuckle a lot when watching Stranger Things as I remember all of the 1980s nostalgia that they signpost. My childhood was a 1980s geek fest of Star Wars toys, mountain bike races, and playing basketball on my best friend’s driveway.

I have never had the Upside Down experience of ‘Stranger Things’ but I definitely can relate to the old fashioned TV sets, magical board games and acting out of Dungeons and Dragons.

Final Thoughts

For me, the idea of trying to match TV shows to my life is lots of fun. I can imagine how some programmes link to my life now, my university days, and my teenage years. Part of me wishes that my life was more like that of Spiderman back then.

Anyway, my TV series would be about a guy who is obsessed with movies and theatre, spends a lot of time acting like an agony uncle for his friends, and is incredibly close to his rather grumpy nan.

Have you ever compared a TV series to your own life?

Is there one that mirrors your experiences?

Maybe you are a combination of shows or perhaps yours is still several pilot episodes waiting to launch into an Emmy-winning long-running series.

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Read, Watch and Listen (August)

Every month I try and share some media that has caught my attention. Most people know that I am fairly bookish and love TV programmes and films. I am also a sucker for a good podcast or a catchy tune. So here are my suggestions of what to read, watch and listen to this month.

Hopefully I can provide you with some food for thought and maybe inspire you to open a book, search out a programme or pop on a wonderful podcast.

Read ‘The Fell’ by Sarah Moss

In the long, boring months of Covid lockdowns, Kate was going stir crazy. She only had her teenage son for company and could not go to work in the cafe as she had been furloughed.

Living right next to the Yorkshire moors, she just wanted to escape and get some exercise among the hills she had grown up with. Unfortunately her trip became a problem and things soon went pear-shaped.

This short novel is written from the point of view of Kate, her son and her neighbour, as well as the local search and rescue guy. Check it out if you like a good drama.

Watch ‘Succession’

Now I am pretty late to the party on this one but I finally got round to starting this huge production earlier this summer. This story of a media family, who own a powerful company called Waystar Roy, is all about an aging billionaire and his four grown up children.

From the very beginning, we see the offspring vying for prime position to inherit the top job once Logan either steps down or dies. Backbiting, sibling rivalry and practical jokes are mixed with workplace angst. Some of the ways these rich showoffs treat their staff are downright horrible.

But the whole thing is clever. The jokes are funny so long as you are not easily offended. The script is razor sharp. Watch an episode to see for yourself the arrogance and aggravation which encircle this spoilt family.

I absolutely recommend this show, sad to know that it has now ended.

Listen to ‘Joanna and the Maestro’

Joanna Lumley is one of my favourite TV personalities with her royal voice and bubbly nature. Her role as Patsy in ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ will go down in comedy history as iconic, classy and trend-setting.

When I discovered that she was making a podcast with her orchestra-conducting husband, Stephen Barlow, I knew that I was going to be completely fascinated by it.

This couple come across so well on the podcast and it is obvious that they share a deep love for classical music. Having listened to several episodes, I have learned lots about Mozart, opera and film scores. Joanna asks Stephen questions around a theme each time and they pick samples of music that emphasise particular points.

Stephen often tinkles on the old Joanna to make a point. Yes, I am talking about the piano, not his wife.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps I have introduced you to something that you hadn’t heard of until now. Maybe you have watched Succession already and can share your take on it below. Possibly you love classical music and would find Joanna and the Maestro right up your street. And if you need a quality short book, it would certainly be worth reading a sample of The Fell.

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London’s Wizard Is Brilliant! Ozviously!

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I love going to the theatre. Over the years I have watched hundreds of shows in London, other European cities and New York. For me, nothing beats watching brilliant actors performing to a live audience, especially when they are joined by a love orchestra. London’s wizard had me excited!

The Palladium

Last week I popped along to the famous London Palladium to watch the latest celebrity version of ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ It was the first musical I had seen this year and I was intrigued because it included a well known comedian, Jason Manford as the lion and a UK TV legend, Gary Wilmot as the Wizard himself.

Stunning Performances

Dorothy was played by Georgina Onuorah who is fairly new to theatre, having recently graduated but having already impressed audiences in ‘Oklahoma.’ Her voice was stunning and her smile was infectious. Her charisma and skill made Dorothy relatable and helped to keep the narrative going smoothly. She was supported by Christina Bianco as Glinda. Christina had previously acted in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Raincoat. Her range was incredible and she came across brilliantly too.

Using a screen to show certain events, with videos and animation, was a great idea. It was a clever way to allow them to change sets whilst moving the story on.

When I went, Diversity’s Ashley Banjo was off so the Tin Man was played by an understudy. He was an excellent dancer and I would never have guessed he wasn’t part of the main cast (unless I had been expecting Ashley – which I was).

The lion was played by Louis Gaunt. He had been successful in the West End version of Mary Poppins as Bert. He was very funny and full of energy.

What an incredibly talented cast!

I especially liked how they altered some of the songs to include a little bit of rapping and some modern dance routines. A little more funky than before.

Final Thoughts

This was a lively production with some funny, modern spins that made it even more relevant. The singing was amazing and the dancing was first rate. I loved the backdrops, the pace, the orchestra and especially Glinda. I have since noticed she has a funny Youtube where she imitates famous singers. Check it out:

Thank you for taking the time to read my post about the current Palladium version of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ in London.

Have you ever been to see musical theatre? Do you have a soft spot for a certain musical? Would you go to see London’s Wizard?

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