Kindle or Paperback? (Books)

One of the things that intrigues me about reading is how some people are so passionate about printed books and others are perfectly content with electronic stories. Some readers are fairly polarised about this issue but I tend to read both.

As a writer and avid reader of narratives, it fascinates me that many have really strong opinions on this matter. Below are some of the points that people I know have made about the two types of books.

Kindle Ebooks

– Easy to read on the move as they can be accessed using your mobile phone, kindle reader or iPad.

– Navigable. You can use a drop-down list to select what chapter or page you want to find instantly.

– They track where you have got to, even updating different devices. If I read on my iPad kindle app, it will update my phone app too so I always know where I am. No bookmarks falling out and making me lose my place.

– Kindle books are usually cheaper, often just a few pounds or up to ten pounds if newer.

– Ebooks take up less space.

Paperback books

– They smell good when freshly opened. Nothing beats the feel of a brand new book.

– Being compact, they are great to take on trains or read on holiday by the beach.

– You can make notes in them or add post-it notes. Some readers like to highlight sections or add comments.

– Books can be handed to friends to read when you have finished or sold on afterwards.

– Paperback books tend to hurt your eyes less as they don’t emit bright lights.

This was just a fun book related post as I have had a very busy few days. Please comment your thoughts on the matter and maybe follow my little blog.

Autumn TV Shows

Every now and then I like to share some of the brilliant TV shows that I am currently enjoying. This month I am playing catch up as I have a lot of series to get through before some of my favourites come back. I am especially looking forward to some feel-good Christmas movies and shows as well as the forthcoming return of Stranger Things.

Love and Anarchy

These two actors are incredibly talented.

I had forgotten to mention this Swedish TV show which has 8 episodes of about half an hour in length. I found it randomly and it caught my eye because it came across as a funny concept. I often watch programmes with subtitles and, for me, this doesn’t detract from the story and my enjoyment of it.

Sofia is an executive who comes into a publishing firm to modernise them as they are stuck in the past and have no social media presence. Max is a young guy who works in IT support. They find each other amusing and start to initiate pranks to make the time pass more quickly. Taking it in turns to set ridiculous but hilarious challenges for each other, they also notice an attraction burning.

I laughed out loud at many of the predicaments they got into. I particularly loved it when Max insisted that Sofie walked backwards all day, including when entering and leaving meetings. If she walked normally at any point she would have lost the bet. It can sometimes get a bit racy so this one is definitely for adults only.

Locke and Key

Netflix at its best – a thrilling ride.

Netflix has just produced the second YA series of Locke and Key which features the Locke family who moved into their ancestral home after the husband died. The three kids discover a cloudy past that hangs over the mansion, with special keys that only they can use to access specific skills.

By turning a key into the back of your head, you can come out of your body and go somewhere else, memorise a book or transform into someone else. By using a certain key, you can change any door into an escape route into another place that you can visualise.

Connor Jessop stars in this entertaining, fun and often thrilling series which has continued to maintain the pace and lock us all in as viewers. I haven’t quite finished season two but wanted to suggest you all have a look.

Today’s shows are both on Netflix and are highly recommended by me. Love and Anarchy has just wrapped a second season so get watching the first one. Locke and Key has just secured a third season. Both are very popular and wonderful. For my previous TV suggestions, click here.