Board Games Bring Back Great Memories

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For me, my happiest family memories are back in the eighties playing board games on Boxing Day. On family holidays too, we would always have board games ready to pass the time during rainy afternoons or cool evenings, as we sat by open fires.

These days I don’t have many opportunities to play actual board games but I do love playing games online. These are often just as fun and very convenient as I can access them on my phone, iPad or laptop. Plus I can choose whether to use a nearby friend as an opponent or simply play against the computer.

I recently read an article which outlines why board games are considered good for your health. The piece, Top 10 Health Benefits of Board Games, suggested that these types of games are good for memory formation and seem to also apparently help reduce blood pressure as well as encouraging laughter and endorphins.

As someone who inherited high blood pressure, knowing that these kinds of activities can possibly help reduce my BP naturally, alongside the medication that I take, has made me want to play such games routinely. Whether it works or not, playing competitive thinking games does cheer me up and distract me from the stress of work.

Accessing Board Game Magic Online

Connect Four is always fun.

There is a website where you can access free online traditional games and I have been enjoying popping there to play such games as Connect Four. Ever since I was a kid, I always loved trying to find ways to get four counters in a row and block my opponent. The version of the game at is really easy and quick to access and get into. Check it out if you like throwback games like this.

Draughts (also known as Checkers)

Another game which I used to love in the eighties was Draughts and there is a fun version of this board game also on the website. In America it is known as Checkers but the principle is still the same. There are so many other brilliant online games available on this particular site.

So Why Not Try An Online Board Game?

I hate paying to play games so being able to access really fun and interactive games online for free is a bonus. Of course, physical board games are also great but the website versions are ideal for travel and squeezing in between meetings or playing during lunch breaks. They are easy to use and satisfying pastimes.

Thank you so much for reading my post about gaming. I would love to hear about your favourite board games from the past or present in the comments. I can definitely recommend checking out online board games if you like the idea of reliving those nostalgic activities.