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So today is the day that I wanted to start trying to make a podcast for real. I have toyed with this idea before and experimented, but now I am going to make sure that it happens. I am excited to link my little podcast with my blog and hope that some of my lovely readers will try it out at some point.

I want to share my love of books and eventually get to the point where I can collaborate with other writers and bloggers. For me, the blog and podcast are passions of mine and so hopefully, with feedback, I will be able to make them work together as time goes on.

Hopefully some of you will be interested enough to listen to a couple of minutes of my first episode and boost my first week. It is available on most platforms, including Apple, Spotify and Anchor.

Writers and Lovers – A Book Review

AFF – There is a link to buy this book below, for which I would get a small kickback at no extra cost to yourself. My opinions of this book are my own.

Love of writing and romantic love are different. One is instinctive, the other is confusing.

This is a book that I just finished reading. I read it in bite size portions due to my recently hectic schedule and every time I came back to it I was totally enthralled by the story.

The main character, Casey, was an in-debt waitress who longed to be a writer. Having just lost her mum and with a father who humiliated her during her teenage years by being sacked for something inappropriate (not with her), she was feeling a bit lost. Her spare time was spent refining a novel, which not only confused her but also drove her dreams.

Dating two guys, Silas and Oscar, she just could not decide what she really wanted. Torn between two guys who were also passionate about books, she was really confused. One was a published writer with a family of his own and a dead wife. The other was a fly-by-night romantic who was difficult to pin down. Ironically she met Oscar because of attending a book signing, taken to by Silas.


Lily King is a new writer who has made a massive impact on the book market with this gorgeous debut novel. Her skilful narrative, written in the first person, from the viewpoint of Casey, has relatively short chapters but these are not numbered nor named, simply indicated by indentations.

I absolutely love the insights into Casey’s character. Her inner monologue is modern, clever and dabbles in mental health as she discusses the bees coming for her when she is stressed. Her constant sadness over her mother’s passing is an important backbone to the story but it is her love of writing that drives everything forward.

When she sends off her manuscript to multiple literary agents and it comes to crunch time for deciding who to properly date, what will she eventually decide?

I hope that you enjoyed my review. This book is a definite 5 star read, with bells on. If you want to read more reviews click here. Please consider following my newish blog and helping me grow.

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Reading Update

At the start of Blogtober, as the weather finally begins to turn autumnal and we prepare for a global summit on Climate Change, I have plenty to blog about. Although I may not manage a post every single day in October, I will do my best to share book and TV reviews as well as talk about environmental news.

There are so many things going on right now and I am totally enjoying my life and its challenges. Balancing work, blogging, doing up my house and trying to get back to social things, I am really appreciating the pandemic downturn.

I have finally got around to catching up on my reading, which is great because I have such a massive collection of new books to read and many more I want to order in future. This is not so much a TBR list as a ramble about books that I am in the middle of and currently finding intriguing.

Love Creekwood by Becky Albertalli

This book is downloaded onto my Apple Books .

You may know that recently I have come to be impressed with this clever and creative writer who first caught my attention with the YA book (and film), ‘Love Simon’. Since then I have totally loved reading ‘Leah on the Offbeat’ as reviewed here.

‘Love Creekwood’ is written entirely as emails back and forth between the main characters from the previous books: Simon, Abby, Leah and Bram. Having all gone to University, they are now testing their relationships and telling the story of how their adventures continue. It is so far very compelling and funny and heart-warming. I really need to spend some time bringing it to an ending, but part of me doesn’t want to, as I have no idea if I will read about these characters ever again. I hope that Becky carries on telling their stories as I am fully invested.

Different Class by Joanne Harris

Following on from ‘Gentlemen and Players’.

Joanne has a way of drawing you into her stories quite quickly. ‘Gentlemen and Players’ definitely impressed me with its short, sharp chapters and unpredictable outcome. This one is set in the same public school, St Oswald’s, which is steeped in tradition, history and controversy. A former student is now headteacher and Latin teacher, Roy Straitley, can sniff out trouble. I cannot wait to find out where the dramatic setup will lead to this time around.

So welcome to Blogtober where I hope to engage with more readers and share more information about the environment, whilst celebrating wonderful books and TV shows. Feel free to comment below what you are reading and consider following my blog and helping me build a platform.